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    Company has just announced a deal with Gujarat NRE, one of India's largest coal companies.

    This could be the catalyst to take the company from an exploration junior to a mid tier mining producer.

    Market Cap: only a meagre 5 million (with 25 million shares on issue that are tightly held)

    The mine has a reserve of 100 million tonnes of coking coal (200 million tonne resource). The company is expected to pump in $65 million to develop the mine, which is likely to start production in 2007.

    Once production starts, in 6 months to a year I can see the shares in ZCO hitting $1.

    Definitely one to watch

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    Apart from this new deal with India, they will be beginning a feasibility study regarding their nelson bay river coal project. As soon as this is announced the share price will take off. They are run by an experienced team - only about 25 million shares on issue (a meagre 5 million market cap). soon u will see a market cap of 50 million and a share price of $1.

    good time to buy atm IMO

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    Looks like the acquisition of the avondale project is full steam ahead + they are conducting a feasability study of the nelson bay river project after promising projections!

    you would have to be mad not to be on this one!!!

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    Fantastic little opportunity here IMO ... current SP barely covers their cash in bank!!!!!!

    Then there are all there other prospects!

    NOW .... massive coal mine & becoming Gujarats Aussie vehicle .... 50cent is an easy short-med target.

    Cant lose on this stock!


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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    There market cap is 8 million @20c if you count the shares escrowed or fully diluted then Market Cap is 16million. if they were $1 and all options were exercised then they would be capped at $80 million,

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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    New Era Dawns for Avondale pit
    May 26, 2006

    AVONDALE Colliery was given a new lease of life yesterday after mining crews broke through 20m of concrete and fill, which had sealed its portal for more than 20 years.

    "It's just like opening a time capsule, you don't know what might be found," Gujarat NRE managing director Rajendra
    Sahay said moments after the first investigation team emerged from underground.

    What the six-man team found was a pit largely intact and in good enough shape for the Indian coking coal producer to go ahead with the next phase of a three-year plan that could see the colliery producing up to 1.5million tonnes a year.

    "Today, the roof didn't cave in or waters come flooding out, and after 20 years that's a milestone in itself," Mr Sahay said.

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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    interview with Wesley Harder, CEO on brr.


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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    a very informative and comforting broadcast. the next twelve months should be very interesting indeed! they stated that the Cethana gold project suggests a similar geological structure to the hugely successful RIDGEWAY deposit in NSW currently being mined by Newcrest. (44 Mt at 2.6 g/t Au and 0.82% Cu) this works out at about 3.7 million ounces of gold and a substantial amount of copper. Of course nothing is ever a sure thing but it sure looks promising. Combine that with their JV with Gujurat and their low market cap and you have one undervalued stock.

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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    up 13 % today on fairly low volume. the market is finally starting to take notice.


    the skies the limit for this company over the next 12 months

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    Default Re: ZCO - Zelos Resources

    Changed name to Gujurat Minerals NRE (GNM.AX) - Final accounts look very shaky. Liquidation not far away? $46M of Current liabilities and $16M or so current assets and only $1.5M in cash.

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