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    Default Entry Strategy?


    I think it is a good idea if we can list the entry strategies for stock that you consider to buy. Let assume the fundamental analysis is fine.

    I will start first:

    1. Stock is trending upward on a weekly chart.
    2. Stock price is above 30 periods of moving average on a weekly chart
    3. Volume is increasing on a daily chart.
    4. RSI is crossing the lower point of the trading range.

    Please add your indication that you consider or use for your entry.
    Warm Regards

    [If you think my post is for recommendations then you are kidding yourself]

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    Default Re: Entry Strategy?

    Hi Jetdollars,

    alot of entry strategies, are candlestick formations, personally for me, a break in a trendline, or a break through support... some indicators, like RSI, ROC, MACD & EMA... (golden cross and dead cross patterns), heavy volume, followed by gaps...

    (further confirmation, maybe from fast & slow scholastic, and bolling band - momentum patterns) but this is confirmation, and normally these indicators are more of an exit strategy and tightening of stoplosses... just before exiting and dumping a stock


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    Default Re: Entry Strategy?

    I like to keep it simple:

    1. Stock trading upwards on weekly chart
    2. Rate of Return >20%
    3. Avg weekly capitalization > 1mil $$
    4. Price below Linear regression

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