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    An article about rain on command! It was mentioned in the Snowy Hydro thread that this could be done to help with power generation, not sure how practical that is, even for irrigation for our poor farmers, I think Smurf even commented on this in an old thread elsewhere on ASF.

    Artificial rain washes dust from Beijing
    SMH May 5, 2006 - 7:54PM

    Chinese technicians have artificially generated heavy rainfall to wash a layer of sand and dust off Beijing, the official Xinhua news agency said.

    The Chinese capital was hit by a fierce wind storm last month which left the city cloaked in sand, much of it scooped up from the Gobi desert.

    The Beijing Weather Modification Office responded with a major cloud seeding operation.

    "A total of 163 pieces of cigarette-like sticks containing silver iodide were burnt and seven rocket shells were launched in six districts and counties, which resulted in the heaviest rainfall in Beijing this spring," Xinhua said.

    Although the science of weather seeding is controversial and some doubt its effectiveness, China often seeds clouds in an effort to end droughts in the arid north.

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    Cloud seeding is very much an established, proven technology. It's been in use in Tasmania since 1964 since which time both proper scientific experimental work and full operational could seeding has taken place.

    More info here.


    Note that the catchment maps show the cloud seeding targets and not the entire hydro-electric system catchment area which is considerably larger. The full power schemes catchment map (excludes minor schemes) is here. http://www.hydrotasmaniaconsulting.b...tchment+Areas/ In general, the idea is to target sparsely populated areas upstream of the headwater storages where use of the same water through multiple power stations will occur. This is far preferable operationally and economically than sending water directly into lower sections of cascaded power schemes. Other areas are targetted only for specific reasons not directly relating to power generation. For example, to relieve drought in agricultural areas.

    I've been wondering for quite a while why the mainland states don't make more use of cloud seeding. It doesn't solve all droughts but there are instances where it would be useful.
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    Default Re: Rainmakers! Cloud Seeding

    Another use for silver maybe lol. No wonder the climate is so farked up.

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    Up here they dont cloud seed; they have storm guns to disperse the rain!

    Some SOB's actually still use these (and it hasnt rained since christmas) to protect grapes and such from storms. It uses a gas explosion to create sound waves to break up the storm. Id love to rain on their parade.

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    Default Re: Rainmakers! Cloud Seeding

    The response that comes to mind about this and other topics like "refugees" - is "everything old is new again". Obviously I'm showing my age BUT it is interesting to watch unchanging responses over x number of years. Each generation has to learn anew.

    It doesn't seem that cloud seeding has progressed the same way as other scientific ventures, in the years since it had a much higher profile. Perhaps Smurf could enlighten us - I did visit his links but didn't find this information.

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    I read a story about cloud seeding a while back. Think it was in the 1960s.

    A few days later, it rained so much, they had massive floods, and a heap of people died.

    Dont think they know if it was a coincidence, or direct result.


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