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    My daughter is going to Hong Kong next week, and i was wondering where is the best place to go to change Aus dollars to Hong Kong dollars in Brisbane? and the cheapest, as it is only $500 or so.

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    Personally if she isn't to fazed about having cash on her upon landing (local currency that is) then I would say just do a withdrawal at an ATM at the airport.

    The one time I have been traveling overseas I found this to be the cheapest and most practicle method of obtaining local currency.

    Of course I would suggest checking with your bank to confirm the exchange fees but 2% is the norm.
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    Aren't there little commission free booths in the city? Little box like things or small shopfront, worth walking around to different ones to find the cheapest, they have them in some other cities, not sure of Brisbane though. The rates are normally much better than the banks, no catches either, I've always wondered who owned them- maybe at the bottom of some money laundering scheme? Look like franchises. btw, the booths would normally be near high traffic tourist areas like cinemas or street malls.

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    ATM withdrawal probably only $5 at most from bank.
    Buying the notes prior to leaving probably lose on spread between buying and selling rates + a commission also.

    I'd think trying to get cash from one of the exchangers someone else mentioned might be the go

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    There's one of those booths in the main mall in Brisbane. At least there was last year.

    I'm not really familiar with Brisbane street names but at one end of the mall in the city centre there's a "table" fountain and across the road from that is a road bridge across the river. Starting from that end, the booth is on the right hand side a fair way into the mall. That's just from memory and it could have moved in the 14 months since I've been to Brisbane.

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    Thanks for the replies. I do not get into the city often, but I shall go and have a look for the booths. That would be the Queen St mall that you are talking about.

    THanks once again,

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    I'm with Clowboy on this. The best rate is almost without doubt via ATM.

    Your daughter will find the ATM on the ground floor after clearing customs. Go out the arrival doors from customs and turn left. There are 2 of them.

    ***Side note***

    If ever in Japan, it is very hard to find an ATM that accepts Australian VISA cards. They have VISA, but just different.


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    Thanks mate for the infomation.

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    just make sure it's a mastercard or a visa your daughter withdraws from and it'll all be okay..


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