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    Question Help with abbreviations

    Help please?
    What is an LOI?
    and what is someones SID? (Something like a financial reference? or an "I am interested related reply to an offer?))

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    Do I presume no-one has a clue?

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    Canny, I thought a LOI was a Letter of Intent.

    Don't know about SID, sorry.

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    Thanks Joe - yes, that might make sense for the first one.

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    Thanks rederob - none of the SID's fitted my thoughts - but it was a good reference and I found more LOI's - the first one being the likely in a trading situation between companies.
    Letter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
    Letter of Inquiry
    Letter Of Instruction/Interest
    letter of intent
    Letter of Intent (LOI)

    The SID I am looking for is when you send your details to a company to try and get part of a placement they are offering. Could it be Sophisticated Investor Details/ or something along those lines I wonder?
    Need the big players to know the answer I guess!!

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    Hi canny

    I like your Sophisticated Investor Details for SID

    but I suspect that in the example you gave it's probably something like Shareholder ID.....ie....your CHESS or Issuer Sponsor HIN (Holder Identification Number) so that the company can allocate the shares to the correct share holding on the register.

    hope this helps


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    Thanks BM. If a cheque went with the SID(!) yes - I believe that would probably be it. I had taken it that it was an application to BE part of a sophisticated investors placement - and therefore thought it was going to be more of a financial resume - and a 'why you should let me be part of the capital raising'.
    As I don't profess to understand how the companies go about these private raisings - it's hard to work out - but thanks again.
    Everyone has been very helpful in my getting closer - now I'm going to go and ask the question direct, and I won't sound quite so ignorant!!!!


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