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    Intermet Resources, a uranium play with prospects in SA, will be drilling on its Watsons Project this month. 22 holes will be drilled and the Speculator thinks ITT is worth a shot. Having just listed a few weeks ago and with only 20 million shares curently tradeable, I feel its worth a look at, especially with Hillgrove's backing. The chart is also looking strong. Any other opinions out there? As always do your own research before buying.

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    Cool Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Intermet Resources seems like an exciting uranium play with drilling taking place this month . I too read The Speculator's colum in the Bulletin. At 25c it seems pretty cheap compared to other uranium stocks. All its leases are in the Gawler area of SA and its MD is Mr Ferris, a former WMC executive. The SA government is the only state government that is in favour of uranium mining. Uranium has a very strong future indeed.

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    Smile Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Intermet Resources has an experienced board and strong support from Hilgrove Resources. It has attractive leases in the Gawler Craton in SA near where Toro Energy is and is drilling this month for uranium (22 holes will be drilled in its Watson Project alone this month). The SA government is pro-uranium which helps unlike in the other states. This stock has been overlooked, but has in the last few days received more support. As always, do your own research before buying.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    ITT has just announced the commencement of drilling for uranium at its Watson Project in SA (a 22 hole aircore drilling program).
    As always do your own research before buying.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Two announcements for ITT today, both positive.

    UEQ JV

    Operations Office
    Unit 1
    22 Maple Avenue
    FORRESTVILLE SA 5035 Tel: +61 8 8351 3388
    Fax: +61 8 8351 0023 InterMet Resources Limited garyferris@intermetresources.com.au info@intermetresources.com.au ACN 112 291 960 www.intermetresources.com.au Registered Office
    Level 41 Australia Square
    264-278 George Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Tel: +61 2 8221 0404
    Fax: +61 2 8221 0407 Monday, 28 May 2007

    Uranium Drilling Completed at Cocata Project Drilling Confirms New Palaeochannel at Cocata Project InterMet Resources Limited (InterMet) (ASX:ITT) is pleased to announce the completion
    of a reconnaissance rotary-mud drilling and wireline logging program to test the
    uraniferous potential of Tertiary palaeochannels at the Cocata Project, Gawler Craton,
    South Australia. The drilling program was undertaken by joint venture partner Uranium
    Equities (ASX:UEQ) as part of the Cocata Project Joint Venture.

    Seven traverses comprising 43 holes for 2637m (Figure 1) were drilled at approximate
    1km spacing to investigate the suitability of the sedimentary environment to host uranium
    mineralisation. Two palaeochannels were initially targeted; the well-known Yaninee
    channel (mineralised further upstream) in the central of the project area and an eastern
    channel system recently identified from newly-acquired satellite imagery and ground
    gravity data.

    Drilling has confirmed the presence of both channels and, in addition, discovered
    another palaeochannel in the west of the project area. Anomalous total-count gamma
    (up to 3-4 times background) was encountered in holes completed within relatively
    unweathered Hiltaba Suite granitic basement confirming the presence of a suitable
    source rock.

    All three palaeochannels display up to 90m of channel fill, with fluvial and lignitic
    sequences up to 20-30m thick both above and below a regionally extensive sedimentary
    sequence. Some total-count gamma anomalism was detected at the boundary between
    these various sequences in addition to oxidised and reduced facies within them.

    Selected samples have been submitted for geochemical analyses and UEQ is reviewing
    the significance of the geophysical results as well as assessing the data in relation to the
    regional geological context.

    Managing Director Gary Ferris commented that "InterMet is very satisfied that
    exploration has commenced on the separate two joint ventures for the Cocata Project.
    The initial palaeochannel uranium drilling by Uranium Equities and the drilling program
    announced today for two of the six IOCGU targets by Silver Swan Group, will give
    InterMet great exposure to potential discoveries within this prospective area of the
    Gawler Craton".

    Silver Swan JV

    Highlights Identified six Gravity Anomalies at Cocata Project in SA
    Ground Magnetic Surveys at Anomalies 1 and 2 to commence shortly
    Aeromagnetic Surveys over Anomalies 3 to 6 to be announced shortly
    Drill programme at Cocata Project to take place next quarter

    As previously announced, Silver Swan Group (Silver Swan) (ASX:SWN) recently
    completed a ground gravity survey at the Cocata Project located within the Gawler
    Craton in South Australia. The survey identified six Gravity Anomalies prospective for
    IOCGU type mineralisation which are identified as Anomalies No1 to No6. (Ref. Fig 1)

    Silver Swan has completed arrangements to commence detailed ground magnetic surveys at Anomalies No1 and No2 to enhance modelling to precisely locate test drill holes. It is anticipated that the ground magnetic surveys will be completed and interpreted by mid July 2007 with drilling commencing shortly after. In addition, Silver Swan intends to make arrangements to fly detailed aeromagnetic surveys over anomalies No3 to No6 inclusive.

    The Cocata project consists of EL 3462 (723 sq kilometres) and EL 3463 (487 sq kilometres). Silver Swan have entered into a Farmin Joint Venture Agreement over the two EL's with InterMet Resources Ltd (ASX:ITT) whereby SWN have the option to earn up to 80% of the tenements to include all minerals exclusive of palaeochannel uranium but including IOCGU uranium mineralization. The palaeochannel uranium mineralization rights are held by Uranium Equities Ltd (ASX:UEQ)

    A description of Cocata Anomalies No1 and No2, with drill hole locations, as defined by the initial ground gravity survey are as follows.

    Anomaly 1 Anomaly 1 is located in the SW corner of the tenements and represents a ~3.25 mGal gravity anomaly (Figure 2) which trends roughly NW. The anomaly was infilled to 200x200m spaced gravity data to better resolve the gravity feature. Anomaly 1 is oriented within regional NW trending faults which were active during the Hiltaba Suite tectonothermal event and is located near the margin of the Mesoproterozoic Itildoo Basin. This basin is a major zone of extension and may have played an important role in the intrusion of Hiltaba Suite granites into the area. The Blue Range Beds contain clasts of Gawler Range Volcanics suggesting a source of volcanics near the basin.

    Based upon current data, two drill holes are planned to test this feature. The rock density ranges from 2.89 g/cc to 3.46 g/cc (g/cc = gram per cubic centimetre) and depth to top of features is estimated to be between 140-300 m. The gravity anomaly is coincident with a moderate magnetic anomaly. Modelling of the gravity data shows the rock body dips moderately to the north.

    Anomaly 2 Anomaly 2 (Figure 3) is an isolated ~1.25 mGal anomaly near outcropping Hiltaba Suite
    granite at Pordia Hill. Two sets of linear structures are apparent in the data defining rhombohedral bedrock blocks indicative of a tensional structural regime. The gravity high appears to be related to a diamond shaped block of higher density rocks.

    A subsidiary anomaly on the southwest margin of the overall gravity anomaly has the highest density at 3.6 g/cc and based upon current data, hole A2-DH1 is planned to test this feature.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Hey Greggy,

    I hope things are well and you are still interested in this baby, good results returned today from the Munndarra Project, ann also looks they are branching into iron ore.

    This baby is worth a look... hope to catchup soon with this company

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Branch into Iron ore it has,

    It has hopped on the band wagon with some project where it has outlined a 500m x 150m target, very small really but the share price has gone from the low 13c level to 37c also the options went from 2c to 13c

    So its clear to see the market will run with these Iron ore wannabees no matter how far fetched their dreams maybe!
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Smile Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by motion View Post
    Hey Greggy,

    I hope things are well and you are still interested in this baby, good results returned today from the Munndarra Project, ann also looks they are branching into iron ore.

    This baby is worth a look... hope to catchup soon with this company
    Hi motion,

    ITT has just under 10 million options that expire at the end of Nov 07. 20c to convert each option. With the reminder letter sent to option holders ITT noted its recent successses:
    • InterMet signed an option agreement for Mt Ruby iron-ore project in northern Queensland, with iron values up to 69.48% Fe, on 22 October 2007.
    • Paddy lease mapping shows magnetite outcrops extend for up to 500m in length and 150m in width. Previous iron assays at produced values up to 69.86% Fe.
    • InterMet signed a purchase agreement for “Ann” Mining Lease Application (MLA) 20424 in Queensland on 16 October 2007. Rock chip assays produced up to 26.7% zinc and 198g/t indium.
    • Acquisition of the Munderra copper-iron-gold and base metals project in northern Queensland on 20 September 2007.
    • EL 3948 (Lake Malata), containing a uranium radiometric anomaly, granted to InterMet, who plans to explore for uranium in their own right.
    • Completion of a high-resolution radiometric and aeromagnetic survey at Wanilla (EL 3702) on the Coulta Project.
    I hope this info is useful to you. I previously held ITT a while back, and its now back on my watch list.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    ASX Code: ITT


    Current share price 25.5 cents

    Shares on issue: 22 million

    Current market cap: $8 million

    Latest Announcements

    30/11/2007 Mt Ruby High-Grade Iron Results
    29/11/2007 Results Confirm Iron Potential at Paddy Prospect
    22/11/2007 Uranium Drilling Commences at Lake Gilles
    20/11/2007 InterMet Acquires Option Over Bonanza Grade Gold Projects

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Looking forward to a solid run on ITT shares over the coming month in the lead up to the drilling of iron ore, which starts in Jan. 2008

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    InterMet granted new Rapid Bay, Leighton tenements

    InterMet Resources (ASX:ITT) has been granted new tenements within the
    Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia.

    The EL3992, Rapid Bay, is focused on potential base metal
    deposits while the EL3966, Leighton, is 5km west of the historic Burra
    copper mine and was selected to target copper and gold mineralisation.

    A further three tenements are expected to be granted by the end
    of the year.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    A bit late, but more exciting news on new high grade gold tenenments.

    *Tues 11 DEC 2007
    ITT acquires option over second bonanza gold project.

    With new second gold bonanza tenement holding rock chip samples of 735g/t AU.

    Things are looking bright for ITT. I went through most of ITT's announcments for its Queensland tenements, and put them together, since its website needs to be updated.(Not including ANY of its massive South Australia Tenements)

    Summary of Queensland tenements:

    Paddy projet: Iron ore (59.8% to 68.2% Fe)

    Mt ruby project: iron ore/ copper (62.3% to 68.7% Fe/ 6.78% to 7.76% Cu)

    Mt lucy project: iron ore/silver (68.42% to 70.18% Fe , and estimated at 10mt resource FE in Mt lucy alone/ up to 678g/t Ag)

    Paddy project: iron ore/copper (61% to 64.4% Fe/ and up to 36% copper)

    Ann project: Zinc/indium (up to 38.5% Zn, historially i think/ 196g/t In)

    Goldsmiths project: gold (up to 735.6g/t Au)

    Canadian proect: gold (up to 29g/t Au)

    Union Mine project: gold/copper (Up to 197g/t Au, 1000g/t Au historically/ 20% copper)

    Percy West project: gold (up to 390g/t Au)

    More new tenements upcoming including:
    Beaks mountain, Font Hills, Mt Madden, Louisa Mountain.

    Now dont quote me on ANY of this, cause some grades could be historical drilling/ and some are recent rock chip samples. Just tried to put together a ROUGH idea of its Queensland tenements. Not including its massive Uranium tenements in South Australia. Looks real impressive. It also holds 'Mining' leases on most of its Queensland projects. Which is above 'exploring' leases.
    Any feed back?

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    New Announcment:

    18/1/08 - Further bonanza gold results from union mine.
    Heres a summary:

    gold up to 184 g/t
    copper 32%
    silver 1970 g/t

    Massive find. But no justice due to global infection today.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Agree with your comments Mach, Good announcement on a bad day. This one will probably remain under the radar till late Feb of March when hopefully they will produce some drill results to confirm their Bonanza claim. I hope so, got some today.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Hey Biggle,
    Yeah im also guessing ITT will be a hidden gem till drilling hopefully produces good results. Judging by the rock chip samples taken from its north queensland iron and gold tenements, results could be very high grade. The heavy rain in queensland has delayed drilling unfortunatley. Looks exciting though.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Looks like ITT is going to go off:

    Thursday, 24 January 2008
    Spectacular Gold Results from Percy West Prospect
    • Rock chip results show Au values up to 608 g/t
    • Drilling rig booked for March
    InterMet Resources (ASX:ITT) advises that further geochemical assay results from recent
    reconnaissance mapping and sampling at ML 30199 (Percy West) confirm the high-grade
    gold previously reported (Table 1). Percy West is located south of Georgetown and
    approximately 5km from the Union Mine (Figure 1).
    A total of 38 samples were collected to assist with locating drill holes planned for March.
    Previous sampling by InterMet had produced gold values up to 390 g/t and the high-grade
    nature of the main lode was confirmed with a repeat sample assaying 608 g/t gold. Plates 1-
    6 show selected samples from the Percy West Lease.
    Commenting on InterMet’s gold exploration program, Managing Director Gary Ferris said “the
    recent high-grade surface samples from the Union Mine (ML 3366), Percy West (ML 30199),
    Canadian (ML 3326) and Goldsmith (ML 3327) leases provide significant encouragement
    that drilling could produce equally spectacular results and allow InterMet to fast-track
    exploration through to production if significant resources are reported. The fact that these
    prospects are located within granted Mining Leases and all report high-grade gold at surface
    makes these targets a priority for InterMet, especially with the current gold price at record
    Northern Queensland is currently experiencing heavy rain and this has forced the
    reprogramming of InterMet’s planned drilling programs. A drill rig has been booked and is
    likely to be on site in March for the Percy West and Union Mine drilling. A total of 10 holes
    are planned for the initial program at Percy West and drilling will take approximately 1 week.
    A second drill rig has been confirmed for drilling at InterMet’s Canadian and Goldsmith
    leases during March with up to 20 holes planned to test the depth and strike extent of surface

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    ITT has some VERY impressive tenements in iron ore, gold, base metals and uranium. I wouldnt be surprised if ITT becomes a big player down the track.
    I still think at the moment, investors are still paranoid.

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    Default Re: ITT - Intermet Resources

    Anyone else impressed with the quarter report today?
    More tenements anounced in QLD, with more potential for iron.

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    Default Re: 1PG - 1-Page Limited

    On October 13th, 2014, Intermet Resources Limited (ITT) changed its name and ASX code to 1-Page Limited (1PG).

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    Default Re: 1PG - 1-Page Limited

    Has anyone taken a look at this?

    Here's a company presentation.

    Here's an article about them.

    1-Page is a Silicon Valley-based technology company with a patent protected, cloud-based recruitment software platform.

    The platform enables companies to rank and select candidates for employment based on their ability to solve real-time business challenges and to achieve strategic objectives in the role for which they are applying.

    The concept has been developed from The New York Times bestseller The One-Page Proposal, written by 1-Page chairman Patrick Riley.

    I think it's an interesting concept and think using this type of recruitment could definitely produce better outcomes in some situations. But I am not sure if 1PG actually has any solid defensible IP to speak of. I am also wondering if the platform may be subjected to workaround... e.g. cheating, plagiarising etc


    P.S. These fancy ASX codes starting with a number is catching on... 1PG, 3PL, 8CO, Unfortunately they don't work well with IRESS streaming data

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