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    Default AOE & CHX Merger

    Arrow Energy and CH4 Gas to merge via Arrow takeover.

    Hi Guys. Announcement was delivered at the end of trading hours. Whats your opinion on the matter? I hold AOE and it seems like a good thing.



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    I hold CHX. A very simple calc of the close of chx and aoe + aoeo will give you something like 1.34-1.35 or something for chx (less than chx close), but that doesn't tell the whole story. Both companies are fundamentally undervalued I believe, and this merger will help unlock the value.

    The market will be looking at a larger and more liquid market cap, and the portfolio of coal seam gas or whatever the F it is will be diversified over a larger area (reduces one off incident risk).

    Very positive announcement for both companies.

    I expect aoeo to be well in the money by expiry.
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    Default Re: AOE & CHX Merger

    call me a cynic but lets face it was that known before hand that the merger was to take place when they chose Dec06!! then again I may well be wrong

    cheers laurie

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