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    Default Bernanke drops a clanger!!

    I haven't got a link yet.

    But everybodies favourite central banker, Helicopter Ben Bernanke, delivered a sollid body blow to the breadbasket of US equities market overnight by "clarifying" his comments about a pause in rate hikes.

    It turns out Benny boy is a tad more hawkish that folks thought, sparking an immediate 12 pt selloff in the S&P 500.

    ...to have such power....Sheesh

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    Default Re: Bernanke drops a clanger!!

    Oh forgot to add:

    The bond market was ahead of the curve, selling off bonds to close to their several year lows, before the announcement.


    <EDIT> The 30 year t-bonds actually made a new low FWIW
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    Default Re: Bernanke drops a clanger!!

    Bernake is just another idiot like Greenspan.

    Dudes, if it keeps up like this, I may be moving to Australia...That is if y'all will have me...lol
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