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    Default International brokers?

    I am a Canadian, and mostly trade junior mines, which has led me out of North America several times (Australia, AIM in London,Frankfurt). I have done some broker searching, and there does not seem to be any "universal" brokers out there. I use Interactive in Canada, but they do not do Australia(except for the futures), and are limited in Frankfurt. I thought there must be a UK broker that does Australia, but I can't find one, Some Canadian brokers will buy foreign stocks but they must just pass the order on and mark up the commissions so much it is not worth it.
    Any ideas for me, that don't entail a broker for each country?

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    Default Re: International brokers ?

    Try HSBC

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    Default Re: International brokers?

    Well, yes they will handle things but look, as an example of non-domestic(for me) trading:

    "Minimum Commission AU$ 200.
    Dividend Handling Fee 1.5% (Min. AUS $10,00) may apply. "

    Thanks though, for replying

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    Default Online trading account

    Can anyone recommend an online trading account, with no ongoing fees, able for trading shares on foreign markets, i.e. ISEQ and London exchange? I currently trade on the ASX throught a CMC online account and want to tap into other markets while keeping all my holdings together in the one account and trading through the one platform.


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