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    Found this little gem on the ABC 4 corners site.

    And it goes

    My imagination has been running wild about Howard at the "Guns for Wheat" Inquiry:
    Cole: “So Mr. Howard, we have called you here before the “Guns for Wheat” enquiry, so you can tell us what you know about all these matters. What do you know in relation to the topic of Guns for Wheat?”

    Howard: “Well, I consider myself an expert on guns, having studied all the available material over a few days in May 1996, which resulted in my setting out a strict set of detailed laws, which were then introduced across Australia. I was able to classify all firearms into different groups, based on action, calibre, etc. I also know what type of semi-automatic .22 rim-fire rifle a farmer can use to shoot rabbits, as well as which 12 gauge semi-automatic shot-gun farmers can use for foxes, but in both cases after exhaustive study of the characteristics, am positive that a person who is not a farmer cannot possibly be trusted to use the same firearms. Other shooters must use a lever, bolt or pump action rifle, or an under and over, or side-by-side shotgun, to shoot the same vermin, on the same property, using the same bullets. I also know, from an exhaustive analysis of figures presented to me by Gun Control Specialist, Tim Costello that Sporting Shooters and Gun Collectors are the greatest threat to civil order in this country. That is why in 2002, I once again re-wrote the laws and issued more gun bans to force target shooters to hand in their 40 calibre handguns, (which are really dangerous) and buy new .357 magnum handguns, which are perfectly safe. Those laws, which I prepared with utmost dedication, also covered such detail as limits on barrel length, measured to the last millimeter, as well as defining which handguns could and could not be used for certain approved competitions. I know, for example that Guns are evil, as I have confidently stated on several occasions. I also know from my studies, that the Glock handguns used by my personal security guards are made in Austria from an advanced rigid polymer material and have a unique auto-safety feature. So yes, I would consider myself well briefed and knowledgeable in all matters of guns, ballistics and related topics.”

    Cole: “Thank you Mr. Howard that is most impressive. Your ability to absorb detail and act quickly on it is admirable! Now, what exactly do you know about those wheat deals with Iraq?”

    Howard: “I know absolutely nothing about that, Your Honour. I can’t possibly be expected to know everything about every cable, letter, briefing note or other communication which passes across my desk each day!”

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    Why do i get the feeling no one really cares about this!!!

    Most agree that they must have known, that that in itself is wrong, but what the.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenixrising
    Why do i get the feeling no one really cares about this!!!

    Most agree that they must have known, that that in itself is wrong, but what the.........

    Three quarters of this country is on the take via middle class welfare... essentially political bribery. It would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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