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    I am completely new to stocks and shares. I have saved 30k for a deposit for a house but wont be buying for the next six to eight months.

    I thought it would be wise to invest in the sharemarket and look for a better return than 5% which I would get form a savings account.

    Please direct and guide me. Thanks in advance for your help



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    Default Re: Investing 30k for 6-8 months

    Hi and welcome Ritzshine.

    That's a really hard question since you don't give any indication as to how much risk you want to take.....ie...restrict yourself to so called blue-chips or take a bit of a punt on some spec stocks or a bit of both

    But either way, assuming you will want your $30k back in 6-8 months to buy a house, atm I wouldn't recommend to anyone to put their house deposit in the share market assuming they are largely risk averse with it.

    Imo there are too many dark clouds on the horizon that could potentially turn into storms in the next 6-12 months.......rising tensions in the Middle East, rising oil prices, rising interest rates, inflation potentially rising should all help keep a lid on our market for the forseeable future imo.

    Personally, the safe play for me would be to lock in at least 5-6% in say an online saving account for the next 6-8 months and also be assured the $30k will still be there as opposed to putting it at risk in the hope of a slightly better return in the markets........but at the end of the day it's your call and good luck with whatever you decide.



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    Default Re: Investing 30k for 6-8 months

    Agree with B/M (did I say that).

    Trading/investing in the markets should be a part of your overall investment strategy not your only strategy particularly if your home is your first priority.

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    Default Re: Investing 30k for 6-8 months

    Thank you for your replies. Yes I guess I have to do a bit more of learning.



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    Default Re: Investing 30k for 6-8 months

    While I'm confident ASX will outperform the US over the next 12-18months, I think now is no the time to get into the market at least not in a big way.

    Wait for the correction in commodities prices and use that as a possible point to enter.

    I can't see much value in any stocks at the moment, some speculative ones I like but that is a 12-36month time frame which won't help you

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