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    Question Software piracy

    Quote Originally Posted by fxtraders View Post
    Hello howardbandy,

    Kindly keep continue our discussion .
    Plot( C, ""+Interval(2), styleCandle );
    for( i = 1; i <4 ; i++ ) 
       TimeFrameSet(i*in1Minute );
       rs = RSI(14);
       VarSet( "M"+ i, TimeFrameExpand( rs, i*in1Minute , expandPoint ) ); 
    M = VarGet( "M" + i );
       for( b = 0; b < BarCount; b++ )
    if(M[b] )   PlotText(" "+(i), b, L[b]-1-(i), colorAqua);
    Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() );
    Upper code work in amibroker. I'm not looking for perfect code that accelerate great speed.

    As we're using few lines of code to keep question as simple as possible.

    I guess it will not be more than 3 lines of code.

    Kindly keep continue ..

    X-person behaviour? What does that one mean, fxtraders aka ID mtftrader aka ID gangster aka ID cheap? You got told several ways out of quadrillions of other ways to come to a solution you don't even deserve. And then you come here speaking of x-person behaviour? What have you smoked? Is this candid camera? While we are at it... what about your impertinent behaviour of not showing the slightest respect towards amibroker.com by illegally using their product? What about that one?

    Are you just the same one as all the other naive criminals living on Michael Jackson's Neverland kiddo farm dreaming your own version of what is right and what is wrong? Are you really that naive? Or just plain stupid? I don't think so, right? (unfortunately current statistics show a rather negative trend https://www.google.com/trends/explor...broker%20crack )

    Weeks ago you have already sent private mails to me begging for help (regarding the same code) and writing that you were just a kid having just little money at your Indian Piggibank (whatever that means).

    Here is my suggestion, kiddo, go to work then first pay some respect towards Tomasz J. if you like his work then you may even get more help from others. If you can't afford AmiBroker then simply stop using it (if you have no money at all then financial markets are not the right place to go anyway). But continuously using other people without giving something back is not the way this world works. You can't go to the next shop near you stealing whatever you can catch there neither. Well, you can but... by doing so you either will end up in the can on the next corner or you will be getting shot by a police gun or worse.... That's how this world works if you want to try to make your own egoistic rules.

    So do the right step(s) first. That's the wake up call advice I am giving you because I think you are still not really woken up from your wet dream(s) leading you to believe in something very weird one!

    *End of the rant and no reason to respond because you know already that I'm right (as most of the time). Let it sink in then think then act.*

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    Default Re: Amibroker FAQ

    In order to keep this thread free of bickering I have removed both provocative posts.

    Let's get back to discussing Amibroker without the unnecessary conflict please.

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    Default Re: Amibroker FAQ

    So do you support piracy (which is not a trivial offense but which is criminal activity) by removing/downplaying the facts that are real out there? Facts have to be called out but not to be hidden/suppressed. This is part of AmiBroker discussion because if AmiBroker closes shop because of such impertinent thugs (who are not in a minority) then there may be no AmiBroker discussion anymore sooner or later. At least move it to a separate thread. Otherwise it looks quite suspicious to say the least.

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    Default Re: Amibroker FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by trash View Post
    At least move it to a separate thread. Otherwise it looks quite suspicious to say the least.
    I was just trying to stop the bickering and keep the thread on topic. However, as you suggested I have moved your posts to a new thread where the topic of software piracy can be discussed.

    Let's try and keep the discussion civil.

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    Default Re: Software piracy

    I didn't start any bickering and provocation. Shall I feel sorry for thieves and call their actions being genius? Is that what you are trying to say? "Oh you poor boy, well done, my friend... keep going... you are doing very well boosting your karma...your parents are to blame but not you". No, I'm calling the facts and trying to make people to wake up from what is wrong! Big difference, big difference.

    The thing is even though they already steal and still getting little help those guys still feel the need to provoke contributors just because they don't get another full hand of information and stuff. And that really p+++ me off. And that's not just me who gets tired of those impertinences.

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    Default Re: Software piracy

    ---Moderator didn't liked words, that was here ----------------

    --- plain stupid,egoistic rules, shot , from your wet dream(s), thugs,
    I guess, it's quite good words used by him? if I use them, I'm childish? i had replied him in the language that he might understand,but it is deleted

    Stop proving your username and your demand "no reason to respond".
    It doesn't work this way , Kiddo( that's how you say!)

    Weeks ago you have already sent private mails to me begging for help (regarding the same code)
    If moderator couldn't find any private message, towards him, tell him to stop lie. check my all private message

    First, he criticize other people by calling them Incompetent ,his further words goes ..

    Oh BTW, PMs (private messages) have the useful
    purpose avoiding to go off-topic publicly.
    PM tool is part of any proper forum.

    First, he encourage people to PM, so he can abuse them later.

    --------- I guess moderator didn't liked words that was here, hopefully you get it in your language that you do understand? ----------------------------------

    This guy join discussion.
    I was like, ok this guy wanna help with 1 or 2 line of code.
    He want to troll or Troll Attempt. He did it.

    I dont wanna be in dirt with this guy .

    As he used word like "wet dream" . if moderator allow me to use words as he's using , he'll get wet in ..
    Last edited by fxtraders; 5th-October-2016 at 02:44 PM.

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    Default Re: Software piracy

    I guess you don't understand the difference between a question and a statement, do you.

    If it is written "Or just plain stupid? I don't think so, right?" then there is still the willingness of wanting to see some hope that there is only a false case instead of a true one to the answer of the first one.

    Let's face it... you are using AmiBroker illegally. You don't add anything worthwhile on top of that but want to have presented everything on a golden plate on top of that.

    Suppose you own a shop... How do you call a guy going into your shop and catching whatever he is able to catch and running out of the shop without contribution -> in this case: payment? Hm? A nice guy? The nicest one? The chosen one? The golden boy? How do you call such guy?

    Let's simply agree that you don't show any respect towards hard work (most prominent example ->Tomasz Janeczko's hard engineering work with top quality outcome). And to me it seems to be your life motto ATM. And if you don't want be in the dirt then do the right steps out of it first.

    (BTW, I'm not abusing PM. You wrote a mail with the same code to me weeks ago but not a PM. Bad memory? You want to see it via PM? Here you got told once again how to solve it. Then you call it "x-person behaviour" because of not getting spoon fed completely again. Enough is enough.)

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