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    I was watching the show LOST the other day on Ch7and thought if that happened to me I would go crazy not being able to log in into CommSec to check my portfolio on a daily base then again I thought hey if ever I get back they would be worth millions or nothing! gees frid & mon was bad enough

    cheers laurie

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    To be lost you dont necessarily have to end up on an island though,
    my son got lost in his room,he was about eighteen months old ,sleep walking ,instead of walking out of his room he shut the door and then started screaming because he couldnt get out.Pretty scary for him.

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    LOL, funny you should start this thread.
    Got in to these kind of dramas while living in Japan. All started with season one of 24. I call it "crack TV" - watch one episode and you cant sleep 'till you've seen 'em all. After all 5 series (yes, my next door neighbour has the current series on his computer) it was time for something else.

    Lost is def. up there with 24. not as fast paced, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense as 24, but still a prett cool tv show. We have 4 episodes left of series one, then I have to find a someone with access to series 2


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