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    Smile Looking for trading mentor Perth WA

    G'day All,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Currently looking for a local active trading mentor or someone who has traded in the past. I have recently been studying more technical analysis with the intention of making my first trade on ASX within 6 months. If anybody is willing to step up I would be grateful, Hoping for long term but open to anything to begin with. Happy to shoulder with beginners like myself or veterans who are open to the idea of mentoring.

    Aim: To be trading US markets on the regular within 12-18 months. (have the min required, just need the learning curve to catch up.)

    If this is in the wrong thread mods, please move.

    Look forward to any replies,


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    Smile Looking for Mentors & Study Partners

    Hey Everyone,

    I am fairly new to the market / Trading game and I am looking for experienced (mentors) or inexperienced traders (study partners) alike to connect with and work together to get better each others game.

    I Have been studying extensively day/swing trading for the past 3 months and am now ready to start paper trading and tracking results. I Have had some experiencing buying and holding stock in the past with only fundamental research as my pretext for doing so with moderate success.

    If anyone is interested no matter what level I am happy to share details, I know how important it is from past endeavours to connect with like minded peers who are also on the same journey. It is a HUGE benefit.


    - Perth, WA.

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