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    Aurora is an industrial technology and innovation company that specialises in the development of 3D metal printers and the supply of associated consumable materials for 3D metal printing.

    Aurora is also in the early stages of developing secondary business units including 3D printing related software and the manufacture of consumable materials used in 3D metal printing, which are intended to complement its printer manufacturing business.

    It is anticipated that A3D will list on the ASX during August 2016.


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    Receiving orders from NASA.

    Float of the year so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringotts Bank View Post
    Receiving orders from NASA.

    Float of the year so far.
    What a joke of a company. I thought these are the sort of early stage company that the ASX is barring from doing IPOs?

    No revenue, no business, no actual proof of the technology, no tangible assets... how does it get listed?

    It has at best an aspiration to develop a 3D printer that's 100 times faster than what's currently on the market. Really? With an R&D budget of $2m?

    I guess nothing is impossible... Apple (or was it HP) started in a garage. But surely the odds are against it.

    You can already see that this company is about selling the sizzle... some statements in the investor deck are just plainly false. E.g.
    Page 1. "Aurora Labs is a 3D metal printer manufacturer". No... it's products are in beta development.
    Page 4. "Aurora's Small Format printers retail for between US $39,999 and US$42,999". No...they are not actually available for sale yet because they are still in development. Yet they managed to price it to the exact dollar.

    But 3D printer... it's as perfect as personal jet packs, medical marijuana, brain chips. Punt away, greater fools!

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    This thing has wings on it.

    32 pre-sold printers. I don't get the feeling the beta testing is going to be some drawn out process. Management seem very cluey.

    Smashing IPO records.

    In the old days, if you needed a spare metal part you had to order it and wait for delivery. And you probably had to order in bulk or package it with other orders. In the near future you just download the code, and print your own. Or scan the existing part and hit "copy". Imagine the applications for business.

    They're going to need to watch who gets hold of these units. A3D says they have control over who prints what, but.... ?
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    There are two co-founders.

    One of them is Jessica Snelling. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in computer and mathematical sciences. She then worked as a "Systems officer" at the Insurance Commission of WA for 18 months. From there, and with no obvious background in engineering, she became the co-founder and product engineer at A3D. Now there's nothing wrong with being young and running a start-up, but I would assume that something like this would require some pretty specialist knowledge/skills, especially on the shoe string R&D budget.

    They originally wanted to build rocket motors, but ended up doing this. My guess is they'll be doing something else in a few years.

    Most of the stuff I see on their website looks like stuff you could do with a 3d laser cutter.
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