Hello everybody
I am Deepak and would seek your help in creating an exploration indicator which tells the Low or High date in mm-dd-yyy format.

For eg if I run an exploration of 20 stocks I would want to know in the given year say 2015 which day-month-year did it make its 52 wk low.
I want to copy this data in excel and not plot it on a stock chart.

I have tried the MS indicator builder list under: tools-->The Explorer--->New
Year's Hi/Lo dates
High/Low of Date Period
All the indicators under this list have been unable to provide me the desired details.

for eg I set the period for exploration as 2015 daily and load 250 records (which is the total trading days) and take for eg XXX Ltd then when I run an exploration it should show
Close(52wk low) Date (date of the low)
24.95 240915

Hence please help I would be very thankful to you.