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    Default Is there a company like Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in Australia?

    Basically I am looking to invest my money in a fund that has very high returns and very low fees. My experience with Australian businessmen and banks has generally been an endless repeat cycle that I have trusted and have been screwed over. It's the national culture to screw someone over and laugh at the sucker. Whether it be the banks, real estate agents, or even landlords renting rubbish at a high price or property developers flogging badly built rubbish at the highest price, it's all the same culture. The culture of waking up in the morning to screw someone over. It's a national sport.

    Therefore I am after advice from the very few honest investors out there to let me know which business can be trusted to grow my money because they are intelligent and honest and not wolves or amateurs?

    Does that exist in Australia ?

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    Default Re: Is there a company like Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in Australia?

    Greetings --

    Check your risk tolerance and the risk Buffett takes before using Buffett-like techniques.

    This video might help:

    It explains what I mean, gives a way for each person to define their own personal risk tolerance, and describes the technique for normalizing any and all uses of funds so that the risk of all alternatives is the same. Given the risk-normalized results, compute and compare estimated compound annual rate of return to determine the best use of the funds.

    Buffett had a drawdown of over 50% in 2009. Holding through a drawdown that steep is an act of faith.

    That risk is way beyond my tolerance. Holding those positions requires faith that conditions that existed in the past will continue to exist in the future. But we can be quite certain they will not. The national banks of the developed countries have not yet unwound the exceptionally easy monetary policies. Some people think that when they do the entire equity gain, bond market gain, and real estate gain from 2009 to now will unwind as well. S&P 600 -- or worse. 40 years to recover. I hope I am wrong. But managing money with risk as the first metric, and going flat at the signs of a serious drawdown, gives a chance to stand aside and be in cash if that happens.


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    Default Re: Is there a company like Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in Australia?

    Thank you Howard

    I admire your life's work!

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