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    Post BZI - Brainz Instruments

    The newly listed company Brainz on the ASX seems to be going very well. Their half yearly report came out and looked promising. Does anyone follow this stock??? Like to hear your opinion.

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    heard today that they presented at the small cap conference in sydney the other day and was asked why GE hasnt taken them over.

    what do you guys think about this?

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    so no one holds them?? there is a good article about them today in the herald sun.

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    can you post it?

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    sure, here is a summary of the company for others first.

    BrainZ Instruments is a medical technology company based in Auckland, New Zealand. BZI specialises in research, development, manufacturing and sale of innovative brain monitoring technology. The monitors are designed for use at the patient’s bedside, by clinicians, in order to guide management and treatment of the injury.

    BrainZ storms in
    Fleur Leyden

    BRAINZ Instruments, a Packer family-backed medical technology company, has posted solid maiden earnings.

    The Auckland-based company, which develops and sells monitors for the detection of brain injury, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December.
    Former WMC Resources chairman Hugh Morgan, his son William, Melbourne businessman John Calvert-Jones, the Packer Family's Consolidated Press International Holdings and Michael Kroger's JT Campbell & Company all grace BrainZ's share register.

    It is believed that most of these early shareholders have increased their holdings since the float.

    BrainZ yesterday booked an almost three-fold improvement in revenue for the six months to February 28.

    Revenue came in at $1.9 million, up from $518,000.

    BrainZ posted a $187,000 net loss, down from $756,000.

    BrainZ's chief executive Justin Vaughan said the company had extended its distribution contract with global health giant GE Healthcare for another year, out to October 2007.

    "That really augurs well for strong sales growth in the next half of the year and then in the period after that," he said.

    "We are growing very fast and I think to try to put numbers in percentage growth terms is probably almost more trouble than it's worth."

    BrainZ's BRM2 neonatal monitors are being used in 15 countries world wide including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Britain and Canada.

    "We haven't locked up our distribution for Canada or other major markets so we'd be expecting those to occur certainly in the next couple of months," said Mr Vaughan.

    "It would be natural for us to extend those through GE although we are not obligated to do so."

    The company is also close to unveiling software which can be used to detect brain seizure.

    The product is scheduled for submission to the US Food & Drug Administration in the second half.

    Mr Vaughan did not rule out an eventual takeover of BrainZ.

    "At a more mature stage these types of companies do get acquired by the likes of GE and Philips (Medical Systems)," he said.

    "If we were in that position to make those decisions some years down the line then I guess that means we've done our job well."

    The shares, which floated at 50c, closed 0.005 higher at 54.5c.

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    here is a recent announcement made by the company.

    20 April 2006

    Extension of GE Healthcare Distribution Agreement

    BrainZ is pleased to announce the extension of the current agreement between
    BrainZ and GE Healthcare covering the US distribution of the BRM2 neonatal brain monitor. The current agreement was due to expire in October 2006 but by mutual consent has been extended for a further 12 months through to October 2007. This extension also applies to GE Healthcare’s distribution of the BRM2 in the UK, which had been due to expire in March 2007. The UK distribution agreement term will now be aligned with the US agreement with a common expiry date of October 2007.
    “The extension of the distribution agreement with GE Healthcare is strong evidence of the growing interest in the BrainZ bedside brain monitoring technology, which I expect to convert into strong growth in BRM2 sales”, commented BrainZ CEO Dr Justin

    Further Information contact

    Dr Justin Vaughan
    Chief Executive Officer
    +64 9 977 8102

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    i found this very interesting article about the company. take a look at the 12month price compared to the price now. also damian pethica a well known biotech researcher made interesting recomendations for share price in the future. http://moneyonline.co.nz/nzimagazine...06_article.pdf

    what do you think?

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    here is an interesting announcement from the company.

    your ideas on the company wanted...

    8 May 2006

    BrainZ - research presentations and collaboration for adult research
    BrainZ (ASX: BZI) is pleased to announce two significant advances in its research programme.

    Firstly, this week six separate research abstracts utilising the BrainZ technology were presented at the Pediatric Academy Society (“PAS”) meeting in San Francisco, USA. The abstracts related to BrainZ’s ongoing neonatal research programme highlighting how the BrainZ brain monitoring technology can assist in delivering better clinical care in neonatal intensive care units.

    The PAS meeting is a large international conference concentrating on pediatrics and neonatal care. As well as the presentation of research abstracts, BrainZ was exhibited prominently on the stand of GE Healthcare, who distributes the BrainZ products in the USA and UK markets.

    In addition to the activities at the PAS meeting, BrainZ is pleased to announce the commencement of research collaboration with the Centre for Magnetic Resonance and School of Medicine of the University of Queensland. The University of Queensland team is well regarded for its MRI and EEG research and has published and presented this research internationally.

    The partnership has received Queensland Government funding for a research project “Innovative Prognostic Neurotechnology for Stroke and Brain Injury”. The total amount of funding awarded through the Partnerships-Alliances Facilitation Program of the Queensland Smart State Innovation Projects Fund is A$99,000. A similar financial contribution to the project has been committed by The University of Queensland.

    “These two announcements indicate the strength of our current research programme”, commented Dr Justin Vaughan, BrainZ CEO. “The PAS is a major international meeting and we have been very successful both in terms of our research presentations and also the overall increasing customer awareness of the benefits of bedside brain monitoring technology. The partnership with the University of Queensland is the exciting first step for the company into adult clinical research, which will be important for our future business growth.”

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    can someone help me? I am trying to find out why this company, which constantly is releasing postive announcemets seems to not move. it is a fairly low traded stock but with all the impressive announcements and the high valuation price you would expect it to be much higher then it is now.

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    its probably not on a lot of people's radar due to

    - everyone jumping on any stock that says they dig stuff out of the ground
    - small cap - not on many fund managers radar
    - biotech can have a huge burn rate
    - the chart shows no uptrend
    - GE buyout risk (will benefit the directors but i can't see them paying $1 a share or anything like that)

    I also read the report, and although I don't hold the stock, my wife is a nurse and she is going to ask one of the surgeons what he thinks of the device as although their business is pretty easy to understand, I know little about whats so good about this device


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    I also note that they had a big revenue increase, however that is split into:

    Sales 514
    Interest 111
    Govt Funding 469
    Foreign Exchange Grants 812

    The previous half year was

    Sales 353
    Govt Funding 165

    The interest comes from the $13mil they got on the share placement no doubt. The only documentation I can find of grants at their site is this..

    "BrainZ has also recently received a $1.93 million dollar grant from Technology New Zealand to be used for further development of the BrainZ brain-monitoring technology. The grant will be paid over two years, and is further positive endorsement of the BrainZ technology. "

    Having said that, sales has grown from 353 to 514 some 40 odd percent.

    So I guess the point I'm making is that the majority of their earnings for the last half year was not from sales of their product.

    Not knowing about how grants work. Maybe the smart investors want more evidence of sales growth?

    Because when taking the grants out of the picture, and assuming a revenue growth of 40% (same sales growth as before), but a 20% increase in earnings per share (accounting for the cost of sales), it will take a while for this company to turn a profit.

    Hence why it would be good to find a neurosurgeon who can give you an assessment of the technology and its potential.

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    hi thanks for that. I know lots about the product and the business. it is a very good product compared to the ones inplace now. my question is why it doesnt seem to be heading up. you did answer that in some ways.



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    It would be greeat if you can give a laymans explanation about this product and its potential.. :-)

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    if you go to the website http://www.brainzinstruments.com/ it gives you a good explanation of the product. it is superior to its counterparts as it is portable, long term use, easier to use etc. as you can see in there announcements it is going in the right direction. it also has an interesting share register with some big names in the company. i think it has huge potential as more hospitals buy the product. so far they are meeting all their targets so it looks promising.

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    i think the main reason why this stock has gone down recently and not gone anywhere is because they do not advertise. what im saying is everyone i speak to says that they have never heard of it and some that know of the company tell me that there is no one promoting the stock. personally i think if they got a media adviser or something like that the stock could increase dramatically.


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    Its a specialist thing they are into.. so they tend to use trade shows and have GE medical flogging it for them.

    So I'm not so convinced that this is the sort of product/market that needs 'traditional' forms of advertising.

    Somewhat related to your point though, I emailed them asking for more clarification on the grants and how they relate to the balance sheet and got no answer. So their investor relations is either immature or non existent.

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    when did you email them.

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    Around the time of my post to this thread regardingthe breakdown of their revenue, trying to get to the bottom of the grants..

    Quote Originally Posted by twojacks28
    when did you email them.

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    Default Re: BZI - Brainz Instruments

    do you like the stock or even hold anything in the stock?

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    I do not own any of the stock. But they do seem to have a good product and their business is easy to understand.

    I was just trying to apply due dillegence by seeking clarification on their revenue, because the grants are finite, and its not clear how much grant revenue they will have going forward. In addition, the interest revenue is from their funding and that will reduce over time as they spend it.

    Without knowing the future impact of grant revenue, then forecasting sales growth alone doesn't paint the full picture..

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