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    Sky and Space Global Ltd (TBA) was formerly known as Burleson Energy Ltd (BUR).

    Previous discussion of BUR can be found here: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...ead.php?t=6578

    Sky and Space Global Ltd is focused on providing communication solutions to the global satellite market through the use of highly sophisticated Nano-Satellite technology. The Company plans to disrupt the market by providing a significantly cheaper platform for voice, data and instant messaging services and is embarking on a commercial pilot phase through the launch of 2-3 satellites to form an initial network.


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    Interesting very very spec play this one - look set to be launching 3 nano-satellites early 2017.

    Not holding, mostly because I have no idea how to work out their cash burn rate or at what point they'll go cap in hand to market for more capital but already selling spectrum for 3 nano test satellites in Africa looks positive.
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