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    Default Australian Options Market Data

    My trading platform (Interactive Brokers) has just raised my fees for data to the Australian Options market from $25 to $75 a month. This now becomes a significant cost for my portfolio size.

    Any recommendations on how to get live data for the Australian options market? It is only a small area of my portfolio (due to limited market) but I enjoying trading it. I don't mind paying for data just not $75 a month, for the same data I was only paying $25 a month for previously!

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    Optionsxpress, free data i think but commission way higher than IB. May be also have a look at tradestation, first trade,sogo trade.

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    Thanks. Giving options express a go.

    Even a website where I can at least put in my current trades to get a relatively recent price (can be delayed) would be good.

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    The Hoadley tools give you access to ASX near-live data through Yahoo.

    So does Options Oracle software which is free although you need the fix for the XJO contract.

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    Does anyone know where you can download end-of-day Options Market data - volumes and prices? The AFR used to print it and I used to download it occasionally from there I think, but no longer available.

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