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    Hi All,

    I installed the IB platform and I use a simulated trading account. I find the platform quite confusing. I placed in total about 10 transactions and although I tried to close all of them, my P&L still varies. In Portfolio, under My Investments it only shows USD Cash. Under MGKS Asset Management, there are $3556 and there are two sub-entries named MrktCpTp10Bttm0 and Independent, each with some amount. Is there a way to close these positions (in case they are open).
    Also, is there a way to simplify the platform, by allowing only standard shares transactions (no options or other complex things)?
    Any advice appreciated.



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    Default Re: Interactive Brokers - How can I close "stuff" from my portfolio?

    I found out in the end. When I created the paper account, they added another account, managed by a professional, for comparison purposes. To be able to compare how well we perform against a professionally managed account.

    It was driving me crazy not being able to close those positions, I thought I opened them myself by accident

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