If it suits the Chinese Central Committee, they stifle imports by slapping a tariff on imported goods. This should always have been a concern, but was conveniently overlooked by our negotiators and political elite.
What I have difficulties understanding, however, is the time it took our Market Experts to consider the ramifications. Even though the 11.9% impost had been flagged weeks ago, our Dairy and Health supplement stocks continued their rallies with gay abandon.
Stocks that may/ will be affected and have only woken up to the threat AFTER it came into force, include:


even though some of them (esp. CZZ) should be able to minimise the impact because their primary markets are outside of China, e.g. Malaysia and Singapore.
I also kept 1AG, on the assumption that companies with local outlets (e.g. "Capel Dairy" signs in Shanghai) would be exempt. Maybe I was wrong there too and have to pay the price. C'est la vie