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    Hey I'd like to start a new thread based on a new revolution. There was the industrial revolution later a digital and now a new evolution is at hand The Nano revolution. It is only new however it is the future of materials. What is Nano technology? Just copy this into your search bar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanotechnology

    I'm not very informed on the topic however much like other bull stocks in the past this one is surely to take off in years to come. CSIRO Nanotechnology department, Australia's leading research center, and Advanced Nanotechnology Limited (ANO) are the only two comapies I know of. Please add input to the thread.

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    Here's an article I noticed the other day on the subject of "nanowires". Quite interesting. I've believed for a long time that as technology progresses we will move away from "artificial" electronic components and more towards "biological" components such as the manipulation of viruses.


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    This stuff is like something out of science fiction. I watched a documetary on this before and it really scared the sh*t out of me. This technology in the wrong hands is seriously dodgy.

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    Hi all
    Psivida is an established nanotech company ASX code PSD

    It has some good patents and contracts inplace
    and has an income stream


    Ps i recently sold my shares in it , to buy in an oil stock, ihope to reinvest in PSD in the near future.

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    After computers, software and biotechs, you would expect nanotech to be the next big thing. The only problem is the limited number of company's which are listed. If it's anything to go by, the UK and US are expecting to have some new nanotech companies come to market. This could be a good sign they are trying to generate capital for R&D.

    Bear in mind, like biotechs, most are blue-sky operations and take some time to become profitable.

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    Speaking to a csiro scientist the type of innovations that exist from nanotechnology are things like self cleaning windows, self cleaning concrete, carbon fibre thread thats something like 100 times stronger and ten times lighter than steel plus many more... one day we will be able to dial in the colour of our shirt... to me its a very optimistic industry for good reason

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    Be interesting to see how this pans out http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21944556-2,00.html

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    Wow... This was the first thread I ever made...

    Great article... There is a lot of future in Nanotechnology but unfortunately there isn't much here in Australia

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    A company which is big into nanotechnology (DDT) is Datadot which have developed an incredible product in conjunction with the CSIRO. This is a chemical barcode which can be applied throughout products to test the homogeniety/standadization of certain products in order to prevent counterfeiting..This can later be scanned with a digital reader.Microsoft have signed a deal which will include this barcodes this going into all its licensed products such as Dvds, Cds etc..Other products will be paints, cements, glass. This is real solution for many businessess worldwide, and it looks like this company has this market cornered. Go to www.datatracedna.com. to see how this Aussie company is on the forefront of this technology

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    although nanotechnology is very promising, i think it is many many years away from commercial large scale viability yet.

    perhaps something to invest in to give the shares to the grandchildren, but to me the opportunity cost of investing in a nanotech stock at this stage is just too great, as my money will probably be sitting there for 10 plus years doing very little.

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    The 1st time i heard of Nanotechnology was in 2002 when a friend at work showed me a magazine, he said this is going to be the next big thing.

    When i started in shares (recently) the 1st thing i did was look for nano stocks. Didnt find too many but ANO and PSD are on my list for a while.

    But for now i think prawn_86 is right about buying a small parcel for kids and grandkids.

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    bit of a sidetrack but The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson is a fantastic sci-fi book revolving around nanotech.

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    The prospects for nano are amazing. There’s such a vast spectrum of areas it can improve. Have to agree with prawn though could be a while off but it will change things significantly.

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    Anybody else have any experiences with nanotechnology?

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    If you are intersted in some of the other possibilities of NanoTechnology and technology generally, have a look here:


    This guy, Ray Kuzweil does a lot of thinking, and predicts what the future may be like and the areas that will be most effected. For Nanotechnology, one of these areas is healthcare. But there can also be huge side effects is all of a sudden, people start living until they are 200 because the Nanotech is keeping them alive.

    Interesting reading if you are into that type of thing.

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    About time this thread was ressurected.

    Anyone have news on Nano tech they would like to share? I just dug this up to get it rolling again.from WIRED.COM..

    "New spray-on, nanotech coatings could keep iPod screens from scratching, make paper products waterproof and perform other minor modern miracles.

    And because they are cheaper, easier to apply and more environmentally friendly than substances currently in use, nanotechnology-based coatings could replace many of today's industrial paints and coatings.

    The nano coatings, "liquid solids" composed of extremely tiny particles, possess unique characteristics -- like extreme flexibility, easy adhesion and resistance to corrosion and microbial growth -- that could profoundly change the manufacturing process."

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    Will this mean that soon I will be able to buy my very own Optimus Prime?

    Maybe this isn't so far fetched after all.
    I am the chosen one

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    The way technology is morphing in the here and now.....who knows... you might BECOME Optimus Prime....sometime in the then and there

    How far can we see?

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    SPL , starpharma is another aussie company using this technology for medicines etc. Have some products being marketed and more in the pipeline.

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