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    Lightbulb Technical Analysis DLL for use with Windows Software

    Thought I'd create a list of basic TA dll functions for use with regular windows dll api's such as excel, perl and python.

    I will firstly attach the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the file SPF.dll (SPF stands for Stats Pack Financials). And then in later posts, post my test scripts written in excel vba, perl and python. My "main.h" containing the dll function prototypes is also attached to show how to call the DLL functions.

    What my test scripts actually do is create a list of array quotes (date, open, high, low, close, volume), that are hard coded into the scripts, call some dll functions to perform some kind of array calculation and then display the results in a spreadsheet or comma separated file (csv).

    These scripts (attached later), can easily be modified to perform dll calculations on say reading quotes from a csv file or downloaded from the internet.


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    Lightbulb Re: Technical Analysis DLL for use with Windows Software

    The attached zip file contains the following test script files:

    SPFDLLTest.xls (excel file containing vba test script)
    SPFTest.pl (perl test script)
    SPFTest.py (python test script)

    These files MUST be put in the same directory as the dll (with same bit architecture) or scripts won't work.

    Here is an example of clicking on the MA_Liquid button in SPFDLLTest.xls (Excel 2013 64 bit):


    The other scripts are menu oriented and store results in output file "Output.csv".

    Let me know if you find this useful, bugs, have problems, suggested improvements etc.


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    Cool Re: Technical Analysis DLL for use with Windows Software

    Thought I'd demonstrate further use of SPF.dll by using it's functionality in MT4 indicators. Attached is file SPFDLL_MT4_20160517.zip, which contains some mt4 indicators that reference the dll. So what you need to do is unzip these files and put them in your MT4 installation directory like so:


    You put the 32 bit SPF.dll in the Libraries folder as shown above. Then you can just open up mt4 and attach the indicators to a chart.

    Note: the files with .ex4 extension are just the compiled .mq4 files of which you may need to compile (if mt4 doesn't compile on startup).


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