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    Smile Amibroker Auto Trading

    Hi There,

    Is there any experts with Amibroker Autotrading?

    Im lookingg to use it and wonders how it compares to Sierra Charts, Matlab etc?

    Just come from Multicharts.net but want something bit more stable.


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    I realise this is probably a one off post but to answer the question there isn't a lot of discussion or review of a fully functional Amibroker auto trader code. The barrier for most is the coding or the limited linked trading platforms in a world where plug n play is preferred. Maybe some day someone will pick up Amibroker and commercialise it as a system design to actual trading platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wysiwyg View Post
    I realise this is probably a one off post but

    There is functional code examples in the AB library.
    There is an auto-trading group at Yahoo. Docs etc.

    That being said auto-trading requires (advanced) skills, skills, skills!
    Auto trading is far away from playing games in kindergarden. If existing advanced skills are missing then donít ever think of auto trading. It will end up in a nightmare no matter which platform. You also canít expect to be a surgeon by asking others which tool to use next and at which location it has to be placed every time too. There you will even end up behind bars very quickly because I doubt you want your body being treated by an amateur making bloody minced pork out of you. So just like in every other professional field you need to have the education & knowledge & experience because you need to exactly know what will happen next when this or that action, trigger, Ö becomes true. Professionals donít go to Internet forums asking how this or that button is pressed or how to code this or that or... They have gained knowledge at proper places already. It is always funny to see people without any advanced skills at all trying to compete against professional experts in a shark tank like future/stock/fx markets (itís not just the try to compete which is funny but the actual funny thing is those day dreamers expect to profit with the help of their limited knowledge). Trying to compete with some black box code they don't have any inside knowledge about. Just too funny!


    The barrier for most is the coding
    And rightly so!

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    Greetings --

    I worked at a trading company that had the trading platform (on the broker's site) connected to the signal generation platform (on the trader's site).

    We had backup and redundancy of everything. Backup power, second source of data, redundant computers, telephone contact with people at the brokers, etc. Whenever there was any position on, or any order open that could result in a position being taken, there were at least two trader / operators in the trading room.

    The coding was relatively easy. The operations less so. We found that we regularly needed the redundancy, backup equipment, and on-duty staff.


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