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    What's everyone out there doing each day to keep in touch with the market?

    As of now I read Zer0 hedge each morning to find out what happened overnight but apart from that I don't have many 'go to' resources.

    Now I must say reading too many things I feel clouds my judgement so I'm not looking for a huge amount of references, but if others out there could suggest a couple of people to follow on Twitter or a daily blog or something for what's going on in Aussie/international markets it would be great to hear them!
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    highlanlad's pre market wrap used to be excellent. (Hotcopper).

    He doesn't do it any more, but does provide a midday summary worth reading. He's very in tune with Aussie equities market.

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    I go here https://goldsilver.com/industry-news/?page=1 to check last news in finance/investing/gold/market news

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    I read Bloomberg & Motley Fool.
    Now I get updated with real time news & created my watchlist of the stocks I read about daily & follow over here

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