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    Young bloke next door has decided to take on a dog which is left alone most of the day to inflict its barking on the rest of the neighbourhood. 5.30 am until about 9.30.

    Actions so far:

    complaints to council by several neighbours;
    convivial chat with owner;
    convivial chat with parents who live in same town in distant street (they warned son about purchase);
    ultrasonic bark punisher installed randomly by another neighbour in my yard;

    without resorting to all out war, anyone got a untraceable gun?
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    I can only suggest that a neighbor who is home during the day offer to look after it.

    A stay at home mum or widowed granny may be glad of the company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tisme View Post
    without resorting to all out war, anyone got a untraceable gun?
    If Sir R's suggestion doesn't work, apply the "Three S's":
    1. Shoot,
    2. Shovel,
    3. Silence

    If you retrieve the bullet between steps 1 and 2, it doesn't even have to be untraceable.
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    It's not the dog's fault - leave it alone.

    The owner sounds like a few screws loose. He obviously couldn't care less about the dog or his neighbours. The dog needs to be trained to cope with being alone. It needs to be exercised before and/or after work. As a short term measure, you could throw a big beef bone over the fence for it to chew on.

    There's a lot of people having kids who have no idea how to meet their basic needs. Later on the kid starts creating havoc in the broader community. Same situation. Then all the angst/anger/damage is blamed on "environmental toxins" and "GM food" and "flouride" and godknowswhat. Just a lack of basic understanding of needs.
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    Yes, leave the dog alone. You'll get used to it.

    I thought older people are less sensitive to sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by luutzu View Post
    Yes, leave the dog alone. You'll get used to it.

    I thought older people are less sensitive to sound
    No it's the other way around, after those young pups get their ears blown away by rock bands.

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    What breed of dog is it?

    What is the owner feeding it?

    I ask because we changed out dogs diet last week and it has also been barking all week. Once this weeks food runs out, we will change back to the old diet.

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    SBS last year aired a series host by Mark Evans on how to improve the situation. Worthwhile watching. One of the things to reduce dogs playing up when no one is around is some toys are available that you can put food in and the dogs will spend a lot of time to try and get the food out. It keeps the dog busy.

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    The 3 S should apply to the owner of the dog haha.

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    I have been in this situation a few times over the years , so what I've learnt .
    1. The people who have these dogs have no idea of what the animal does while they are not home.
    2. They always say " but the dog never barks while I'm home " Duhhh!
    3. Record the dog and play it back to them , over a pair of Bose speakers if need be if they won't listen.
    4. Councils hate complaints and generally lazy and try and get you off the phone asap so they can continue their coffee.
    5. Councils require a timeline for complaints , so keep a dairy of when and how long the noise goes on for and what the address is and also what type and breed of dog it is.
    6. If the council angle doesn't work try the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency )
    7. Also if the dog is left out all day without enough food / shade / water or in a confined space , phone the RSPCA and have a talk to them.
    The above is not legal advice and it's up to you what suggestions you take on board , but be careful not to do anything you will regret later as you may end up in more trouble than the owner.

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