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    Hi there

    I developed an application to manage my portfolio and dividends income. I post this here so other people can use it freely with the hope of receiving feedback from new users about it so I can improve it.

    There were a lot of changes and improvements over the time and the latest changes are from today are:

    14/02/2016 2.3.0:
    * Added a better way to search for israeli stock
    * Currency selection is stored between sessions
    * If a dividend was decreased after a special div, the color won't be red
    * Increase% was added to the dividend history
    * Added tax per stock to the portfolio and calculation is done accordingly
    * Added tag per stock to the portfolio
    * Option to group the portfolio by: sector, tax, tag, dividend frequency, years and rating
    * Balancing portfolio based on stock, yield and tag
    * Bugs fixes

    Screenshots, download link and virus total link: http://aiclipboard.com/stockdiv

    Any kind of feedback will be appreciated. If this is not the correct place/forum for this post, let me know.

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    Because I can't edit my post I will add it here:
    1. This is a completely free software with no ads
    2. This application is for Windows.

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