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    Default The New Guy :)

    Im the new guy...

    I usually do a lot of sports betting, also got a few website ventures and other investments. So Ive now decided to have a go at stocks.

    atm im looking at tatts for my first stocks

    Anyway just introducing myself catch. Maybe once i get more educated on everything ill be able to help yas out a bit more.

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    Default Re: The New Guy :)

    Welcome to ASF fryzie!

    I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

    One piece of advice: The search function in the navigation bar above is your new best friend. There are thousands of threads here on ASF and it is your key to unlocking all the knowledge within!

    Have fun!

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    actually i think im going with GLA.. ill give them a call and see if i can still buy opening stock.

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    Default Re: The New Guy :)

    Welcome fryzie.

    Whats your opinion on the Betfair principal? Some people on here I know would be interested to hear!


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