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    Default Bushfires WA - 2016 - Green Ascendancy

    WA was once the foremost fire manager in Australia. It's beyond sad to see them brought this low. The real casualty is the WA environment.

    But the Greens get everywhere, they're really a socialism party. From their safe bases in the city, they preach to neighbours, long time residents and land managers.

    Cool burns in winter are bad, say the Greens - apparently they destroy biodiversity. But incandescent wildfires in summer - the Greens are characteristically silent. So goes the Green Doctrine.

    Think about how this - much are the aerial water bombers costing? Taxpayers, you are being ripped off. There is a better and way cheaper way.


    Water Bombing and Magic Bullets

    If press releases and photo ops could put out fires, no bush town would ever again need to fear the flames of summer. The sad and simple fact, however, is that they achieve little at enormous cost. Is it any wonder empire-building bureaucrats love them so?

    ...Remembering this reminded me of the words of Stephen Pyne, the world’s foremost bushfire historian and commentator:

    “Air tankers are primarily political theatre, and only secondarily part of fire control. They have their place. But they dislodge attention from truly effective measures”.

    Jerry Williams, probably the most respected forest fire manager in the USA has also commented on this issue:

    “The airtanker has become a symbol in the public’s (and politician’s) minds. At a meeting two years ago, a former hotshot [bushfire] superintendent was asked, based on his long experience, what was the effectiveness of airtankers? As I remember, he said, generously, less than 30%. That fits with my experience”...

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    Default Re: Bushfires WA -2016 - Green Ascendancy

    And more of the same ....

    AUTHORITIES have upgraded the bushfire warning to emergency for people in Wedge Island, west of Grey Road in the Shire of Dandaragan.

    Lives and homes are in danger and people are urged they need to act immediately to survive.

    The alert level for this fire was upgraded after the fire crossed Indian Ocean Drive and the blaze is about 4km north of Wedge Island, about 165km north of Perth.

    The fire is burning north of Lancelin and south of Cervantes on the WA coast.

    The out-of-control bushfire is moving fast in a north easterly direction, however the southern section of the fire is moving towards the Wedge area.

    The fire was first reported at 7.59pm on January 26 and the cause is lightning. It has so far burnt about 14,700 hectares.

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