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    I wasn't quite sure where to put this story/idea so I decided to open a new thread that might also encourage other ASF's to add a site they think is particularly interesting/worthwhile.

    I found a very cute story on The Guardian about a couple of boys who decided to find a suitable date for their Mum. Well worth a read and in fact it was turned into a doco on ITV.

    The fascinating part was how the boys found an appropriate date,. Apparently a young tech guy took up his Mums suggestion of 'finding her a knight in shining armour' . I thought the idea and execution was excellent. Seems to be mostly directly to men and woman over 50 but the crucial difference is that you can't just register yourself - you need someone else to sing your praises.

    Mum, we’ll find you a man to date

    Katie, a single parent, wanted to be sure her children liked a new partner. So she let them choose a blind date for her

    Joanna Moorhead

    This is how dating usually works for single parents. One, you meet someone. Two, you establish there’s a spark.
    Three, you spend some time with them and establish that there’s the possibility of longevity in the relationship. Four, you make the introduction that really counts – to your children.

    Many single parents of my acquaintance say that meeting the kids is actually more important, in the long run, than meeting their father or mother.

    Katie Roe is 39, single and looking for a man. But no one can be welcomed into Katie’s life unless her three sons – Jay, 22, Harry, 16, and Rocky, six – get on with him. “It’s the most important thing,” says Katie. “It simply wouldn’t be a runner if they didn’t like him.”

    So, Katie and her boys thought: why not make the whole process more efficient by prioritising that meeting before the less crucial introduction between a new man and Katie?

    “The boys know me as well as I know myself – maybe even better in some ways,” she says. “So I thought, OK, let’s give them the chance to find someone for me.”

    What happened next is chronicled in a Channel 4 documentary being screened next week. It involved Jay and Harry – with a bit of help from Rocky – registering their mother on a dating site that specialises in helping kids to find partners for their parents, mylovelyparent.com.

    My Lovely Parent
    Helping older single mums & dads meet new people online
    The team

    Matt C

    Matt C is the founder of myLovelyParent and the chap took his mum’s suggestion of ‘finding her a knight in shining armour’ quite literally.

    Because of the global interest around myLovelyParent Matt now wakes up very early and goes to bed very late. He spends most of his day planning the future of myLovelyParent, answering lots of emails and speaking to journalists from all around the world. He has also become a pretty expert coffee maker.


    Last but not least a big thanks to all the people who helped get us to launch…

    Matt C’s mum for the inspiration and idea. And for being a constant support and sounding board through all of this
    Caroline B for coming up with the name and generally being brilliant through all of this
    Kate T for making us phone, talk and email hundreds of people to ensure the online experience was as good as possible
    Ben M and Robb G for their creative skills in bringing the prototype to life
    Pete L for translating the creative vision to a working site
    Daniel T for mentoring and guiding us through the global media interest

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    Well I have to keep this thread alive for at least one more post - even if its me...

    For those of you who suffer from partners addicted to making themselves look brilliant on Instagram check out Instagram husband.


    For a short very funny vid on the phenomenon of Instagram husbands try

    And I totally realise almost no one on this forum would fit into this catergory. It is all a long joke..

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