Howdy everyone .... Did a quick search but didn't come up with anything substantial so hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Many years ago before the digital age I owned a "dual tape" mechanism answering machine. To this day I have not found a digital one which records incoming message as clear as the old analog machine (may it rest in peace!)

My current cordless phone/answer machine has thrown a bit of a wobbly so I need to update. My wife bought me a new Panasonic TG 6821 for our wedding anniversary (and yes we have been married a long time if you are concerned)

The quality of the unit is ok except for the most important part (for me), and that is the quality of the recorded Incoming message ..... ( I need to be able to hear the phone numbers people are leaving for me, and every machine I have owned seems to be sub standard in this feature)

I'm open to either a cordless/answer machine combo or just an answer machine on its own ....... have you guys found something that doesn't sound like Darth Vader when you are scanning your incoming messages?? Appreciate any help!

Cheers ... and Happy New Year


PS. I have told my wife that her anniversary present may need to be returned ...... and she is still talking to me