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    Default Blogs on Investing and Economics

    Most of investment blogs talk about investing in US markets. Do you know any blog for investing in Australian markets? Thanks.

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    How about a video blog with plenty of focus on aussie markets


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    hey globevestor,

    To keep track of my first attempt at CFD trading and help me stay motivated I've just started up a CFD Trading Diary at http://traderandy.blogspot.com

    I trade on resistance/support and some technical indicators for the short-term (1-4 days), so if you're interested in that kind of thing hopefully you'll find some value in my blog.

    It would be great if a few others can start up a blog also, so we can learn together and reflect on mistakes and successes. I agree with you that there is not much at all out there in the way of aussie content...


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    I have a trading blog about share trading at MyShareTrading.com.

    Anyone who is interested in blogging about their exploits in Share Trading at our community blog, you may send me a private message.
    My Share Trading Blog
    This is how I feel when i don't follow my trading rules and lose BIG and when I follow my rules I feel like a million dollars

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    Default Blogging my trading.

    I thought you guys and gals might be interested in my trading blog. I'm writing down my opinion and my reasons for every trade I make.


    Very interested in your feedback.

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    Default Re: Blogs on investing in Australian markets

    Those are excellent. Well done guys!!

    How do I set one up for myself?

    Mine will be extremely boring as I have not sold any shares yet, but still....

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