Digimatic Group Ltd is a Singapore-based Company in the business of digital marketing and e-commerce, assisting brands with timely connections to customers through various channels at competitive prices.

The Company is the holding company of the Digimatic Group that conducts business through three separate but integrated business units:

(a) Digimatic Media: specialising in online performance based marketing through the provision of online marketing campaign planning and execution services.

The Group Subsidiaries which form the Digimatic Media business unit are:

(i) Wewe Media Group Pte Ltd, which operates an internet advertising business focused on the provision of lead general and client acquisition services; and
(ii) Digimatic Media Private Limited, which primarily operates an education business focused on the provision of 'cost-per-action' marketing seminars and workshops in Singapore.

(b) Digimatic Solutions: a technology and platform provider for brands to initiate their e-commerce and online sales journey. The Group Subsidiary which forms the Digimatic Solutions business unit is ShangCommerce Pte Ltd, which operates a technology business focused on assisting traditional small-to-medium enterprises to move their brick-and-mortar businesses online.

(c) Digimatic Ventures: the new business unit intended to assist businesses to scale to the next level through mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and other forms of business development.

It is anticipated that DMC will list on the ASX during December 2015.