Vectus is a biotechnology company which has two asset categories - the VIP Mimetics Platform and Accugen.

1. VIP Mimetics Platform:

Comprises compounds that are developed to resemble the active components of a naturally occurring peptide. Specific assets within the platform are:

(a) The lead drug candidate VB0004, which has in pre-clinical trials been shown to

• slow down and, reverse the advance of fibrosis and
• reduce systolic blood pressure.

Vectus intends to develop this drug candidate with further pre-clinical testing. If sufficient funding is raised under the offer, Vectus intends to also undertake Phase I/IIa Human Clinical Trials.

(b) Vectus has 3 Orphan Drug candidates, known as "A32", "P5" and "P26" that, based on results from pre-clinical testing, could address fibrosis related diseases in the liver, kidney and lung.

(c) Vectus holds patents or patent applications over a library of other compounds which it believes provide potential candidates for other disease states where fibrosis or hypertension plays a role.

2. The Accugen System (Accugen)

Accugen is a platform, developed by Vectus' wholly owned subsidiary, Accugen Pty Limited, comprising reagents and software that quantitates qPCR reactions, i.e. it measures the amount of DNA or RNA in a sample.

Vectus believes the Accugen system potentially offers a time, cost and accuracy benefit to more easily and precisely quantify PCR compared to currently available systems.

It is anticipated that VBS will list on the ASX during December 2015.