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    Post AGX - Agenix Limited

    Hi folks,

    AGX ..... up front, NO fundamentals are
    considered in this analysis ..... only
    technical tools used here .....

    In the AGX chart below, we can see that
    the range down from the 29042004 highs
    to current lows is about 84.5 cents. So
    if our current low at 18.5 holds, then
    our expected retracement target will
    be about 60.5 cents.

    Click here for zoomed-out AGX chart .....

    As posted above, we may expect a retest
    of current lows, around 01052006, some
    2 years on from the 2004 highs.

    In the past four trading days, a weak
    double bottom is showing with a hammer
    candle,forming on Friday last.


    We should note that there's likely to be
    some underlying negativity in AGX, that
    should dissipate late May 06, only to
    return for the whole month of December 2006.

    During these periods, any good news may
    receive a muted response, whereas any
    negative news may see an over-reaction
    to the downside, just as we have seen
    since the 09022006 high in AGX, at 37 cents.

    Now, looking at the time cycles ahead for AGX:

    03042006 ..... minor ... (finances?)

    07-10042006 ..... lows here??

    14042006 ..... negative news - looks BIG???

    17042006 ..... minor

    01052006 ..... test lows again, around 2nd anniversary
    of 2004 highs ..... ???

    03052006 ..... minor news?

    17-19052006 ..... 2 significant cycles here and
    positive spotlight on AGX

    26-29052006 ..... 2 minor and positive cycles here,
    may trigger a short, aggressive rally???

    01-02062006 ..... negative news here???

    19062006 ..... negative spotlight on AGX

    21-23062006 ..... June 2006 solstice and 2 cycles here
    may bring positive news(finances???)

    Late-July, August and September 2006 should see some
    long-term changes being introduced to AGX, with the
    spotlight firmly on AGX, throughout September 2006.


    happy trading


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    Smile Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    Hi folks,

    AGX ..... news comes in on time, as per post
    above, on 02042006 .....

    Looking for some negative news/moves, immediately
    before or immediately after Easter, next week.

    happy trading


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    Default Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    Not a bad move today, and over the last couple of weeks in general. Pity I wasn't on it though.

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    Default Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    This share has moved between 7 cents to 31 cents
    Hardly there is any post on this and what is the future any comments

    Aegis report attached. Interestingly they said the risk is due to its Chinese operation !!

    Look forward to hear on this company if any research is done
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    Miner :
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    Default Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    Quote Originally Posted by Miner View Post
    This share has moved between 7 cents to 31 cents Interestingly they said the risk is due to its Chinese operation !!
    G'Day Miner,

    Reckon you can say that again: they've been dormant for two years and only been resurrected a few days ago. Attached a little background into the "risk"...

    Attachment 38945

    After today's resurgence with volume, even the options could become attractive.

    AGX i05 20-09-10.gif

    Disclosure: I hold, am bidding for more
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    Default Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    New directors/management should be able to turn this company around. Let down by previous CEO's with over the top promises, and no results.

    Thromboview product is still a win in my books, and has a lot of potential. In my opinion, bad move closing up their R&D in Brisbane a few years ago and focusing on China, so continued successful results of trials in US are really all they have to pull them through the massive expenditure of the Thromboview program to date.

    Anyone have thoughts on the Chinese dealings?

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    Default Re: AGX - Agenix Limited

    Previous close 2.3c, 3c high.

    26% turn around so far from today's trading! Interested to see how tomorrow's trading goes, and if there's an announcement coming, or if it's just people jumping on the wagon for a ride.

    Edit: just traded at 3.2c (40%).

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