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    Anyone noticed AUL? Last Wednesday it got a huge volume of 78,086,961.
    I watched it. Got a zinc Manindi mine project just in processing, and also got a Uranium mine in Namibia, any suggestions?

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    Hi, I got a few at 2.9 on the back of the uranium rush, my understanding is that they have good ground in Namibia with U and zinc, and Namibia is U mining friendly unlike many Australian states where Uranium explorer stocks are going crazy. I also get the impression on the down side that management has spent a long time doing not a whole lot. Zinc project has been a long time coming apparently, but given the rise in Zn maybe its time has come? Could be worth a small punt to put away for a little while. But if the U hype dies off we may see the same for these fellas.

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    I bought a lot at 3, just waiting for it to sky rocket. ****en the managing director is useless, they should expediate the zinc project since the bullish zinc price then start the U project ASAP

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    Smile Re: AUL - Australian United Gold

    Hi I'm new to forum, I've been reading for about a month now.

    I've been a holder of Aul for around 16 months, at the moment I and other long term holders are waiting for the results on the zinc grades and or what's going on with the Namibia uranium licence to explore.

    I'm hoping news is imminent after finishing at .041 today

    There's been lots of volume since February
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