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    Default A Government that reflects the people

    Everyone is aware that Justin Trudeau has swept to power in Canada. You might also have realised that his cabinet has 50% women. Even Malcolm Turnball thought this was "a good idea" but not currently achievable with his present parliamentary make up.

    But what do we make of the whole Cabinets background ?

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    For Trudeau, 43, a self-declared feminist who won a majority government last month in part by saying he’d bring new voices to Ottawa, selecting a 50-50 cabinet wasn’t so simple. He chose from among 134 men and 50 women Liberals MPs, and some long-standing male legislators were left out, including retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair. The new gender division comes on top of existing cabinet-making criteria for regional, linguistic and ethnic representation, including the practice of selecting at least one minister from each of the country’s 10 provinces

    Thoughts ?

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    Go make me a sandwich ...

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    It's pretty funny post, actually. "openly ginger"

    I'm all for successful people being in the top jobs. By that I mean healthy, well-adjusted, financially stable, intelligent, wise, well-read, etc etc. To have "minorities with issues" in top jobs, you get chaos. Quite a high proportion of the MWI in the Australian Labour/Greens Parties.

    I'm not suggesting the MWI should be scorned or rejected. I endorse their push for community acceptance of minorities. But this push for acceptance seems to occupy their whole agenda. They get bogged down trying to change others' opinions. The MWI are rarely successful in business, and some might argue that running an economy is sort of like running a bsuiness.

    Turnbull is very much the sort of person I'd choose. So it will be interesting to see how he goes.

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    I don't like the idea of minorities for minorities sake (women are not a minority).

    I prefer to see people in Ministerial roles who have some expertise in their Portfolio. The US system has us on toast here as the Pres can appoint whoever he likes to his Cabinet regardless of whether they are members of Congress.

    Does that ensure better decisions are made ? I don't know, maybe these people are self serving or stick up for their mates in their old jobs.

    Having someone like Ken Henry as Treasurer instead of wonkers like Hockey or Morrison would not be bad for the country imo.

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    Brilliant! a big shift to the centre and reality for Canada, perhaps a reaction to too many years of denialist conservatism.
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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    I think in Government it is about good polices well executed. If the policies are rubbish or simply favour one small section of the community against the majority it may be a problem. (Unless of course you are in the favoured small section.)

    And then you have to be able to execute the policy effectively. Develop good legislation, effective implementation and good governance to make sure it works.

    Frankly almost no Ministers know much about their portfolio. They have to rely on their Public servants and then Ministerial Advisors. Getting those right will be 50% of the battle.

    The other 50% will be avoiding the attacks from organisations that don't want change. It won't take long for those cries to be heard.

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    I think it was in "The People's History of the US" where Howard Zinn's main thesis was that it is NOT, not the "great" leaders or the great president or any one individual politician that make a country great, it is the people that forces those leaders, the people that make those leaders do things for the common good.

    That's why there is so much effort and money put into public relations and polls and surveys in democracies - to find out what people want then come elections say what people want. The most convincing speakers/parties win office then, as Chomsky observed, do exactly what they want and need to to serve their friends and masters.

    So the takeaways from Zinn is to not put faith in a party or a leader, but to put faith in ourselves. In democracies, we the people are the leader, supposedly... and the idea is these politicians we elect to represent and serve our interests ought to do that for all of us.

    So if we want change and want policies that suit our interests, make it happen. Since we each individually can't afford those fund raisers and private dinners, can't just ring them up and have them listen, since we're not in the socio-economic class as these "representatives" are... we better get organised and literate. Else we'd be paying for people who serves others and not ourselves or our children.

    Don't wait around for a great and noble leader - that's not what a republic is. Don't wait for good policies to be presented to us, force that change and demand those policies else it'd be "you want 12.5% GST raise or 15% GST else we'd cut fundings to your healthcare".

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    Canadians will live to regret the day Stephen Harper left office. They just don't know it yet.

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    Default Re: A Government that reflects the people

    Quote Originally Posted by Logique View Post
    Canadians will live to regret the day Stephen Harper left office. They just don't know it yet.
    Why do you say that ?

    From what I've read he and his party were corrupt Tea Party Conservatives skilled in dirty tricks and with no respect for anyone else.

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