For a while now I've considered making the move from engineering into finance, in particular a maths/problem solving type role. I understand it would be near impossible to land a job like this with no financial industry experience so i'm searching for ways to gain some experience out of normal business hours.

My initial plan was to enroll in further study such as grad diploma of applied finance. I feel like this qualification would be valuable for my personal development however it's still not industry experience so i'm unsure if this is the most effective way to get started.

Having a look through some job advertisements i noticed a position for a trading analyst on a rotating roster (night shift). So this got me thinking, if there are finance professionals working after hours then maybe there's a chance of finding an after-hours assistant type role. I have not yet searched for finance companies that operate nights in Perth so this could be a long shot.

The other scenario may be to find part time work in a company that operates during normal business hours but has some flexibility in the timing of the tasks and working arrangements. This may be better suited to research/modelling/statistical type roles where tasks are not time critical and could be completed after hours or on weekends.

Having never worked in finance i understand my ideas may be completely ridiculous so i'm very interested to hear any other suggestions for gaining experience in finance while keeping my day job (at least initially). What types of roles could suit a casual/contract basis? Would companies even consider this type of arrangement?