I wanted to start a thread with the goal to discuss what industry sectors will become the economic leader and specifically any companies that may be worth investing in.

I believe that the consumer staples sector will be a front runner as an industry leader. This has been helped with the recent TPP and Australia-China FTA. it allows companies more room for profit due to the removal of tariffs in Australian exported items.

One company I am keeping an eye on in particular is Beston Food Company (BFC). They have recently floated in August backed by private investors. Their primary focus is to export seafood, dairy and meat products to currently ASEAN countries however they do also have a foothold into mainland China. The company has close to no debt on their books (if anything too much cash) and is looking to buy investments to continue adding to their portfolio. BFC IPO proce was $0.35 and is currently trading at $0.32.5.

Does anyone have any opinions on the consumer staples industry and specifically Beston Food Company?