Integral Diagnostics Limited (IDX) is an Australian healthcare services company whose main activity is providing Diagnostic Imaging Services to general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health professionals and their patients.

IDX provides services through a network of 44 sites, including 12 hospital sites, and operates under different brands in each of the States it operates in: Lake Imaging (Victoria), South Coast Radiology (Queensland) and Global Diagnostics (Western Australia). Lake Imaging also operates (and holds a 50% interest in) South West MRI, a business which provides MRI services in Western Victoria using an MRI Eligible Unit.

In FY2015, IDX provided close to 1 million patient images and generated $160.0 million of pro forma revenue, making it one of the largest providers of Diagnostic Imaging Services in Australia.

It is anticipated that IDX will list on the ASX during October 2015.