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    Default Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    As some of you know, my best friend went missing last year around October. They found his car at Kanangra Boyd National Park near the blue mountains NSW.

    After I think what was NSW largest search efforts, no trace of him was ever found.

    Both police and SES were divided on what could have happened. Some said he's lost in the bush and others said there was no trace, no shred of evidence and the amount covered was a 7km radius, which is big for such a mountainous terrain.

    Anyway, there are some loose ends, especially with the person that was hanging out with him near the ends and a lot of his statements are false. The cops wont do anything and I think most people have just presumed he was lost on a bush walk.

    He's parents and brother are devastated and naturally its hard for them to pursue other avenues to find out more.

    Anyway, hes dad pretty much told me that if i have any ideas or suggestions that he'll be more than happy to accommodate them.

    First and foremost, a private detective is what im leaning towards.

    Again since there is a possibility that he might of got lost and the only clue to the puzzle is hes supposed friend who was hanging out with him for the last year, who wont speak, its hard to think of what or how the detective can get much info.

    I presume its a really expensive option to.

    Is there any one who can recommend an honest hard working Private detective?

    Any other thoughts on what I could try next or what we should do would be appreciated.

    As far on going investigations, I feel the police handling the case in Dee why did a really poor job. First and foremost they didnt follow up on any statements. They attempted to get in touch with me and I got back in touch and they never even made any sort of statement...

    Resources means every thing and obviously they only have a certain amount of effort and resources to spend on every case but we need some answers.


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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    I don't know any private detectives, and anything you do outside of your own research is likely to be expensive.

    It seems as though the search has been extensive. Maybe if you are going to spend money on a private detective then you could get a few friends together and put up a reward for information and publicise the incident as much as you can.

    If you have problems with the way the police handled the case your best bet may be to consult a lawyer who could advise further action.

    Good luck with it. Missing person cases can be very difficult for everyone involved.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Thanks for the feedback rumpole.

    Actually there is a $100,000 AUD reward for information leading to him being found.

    We have also created a facebook page with a few hundred likes.

    As for police negligence, I don't think their parents could bare going through such an ordeal at this current stage. However it's a possible option but again, not sure if we want to be barking up that tree.

    I guess they just want the small leads they have to be exhausted, so they can possibly formulate a new plan or put their minds at slightly more ease.

    Publicizing the incident is our best hope. Unfortunately my friend was slightly eccentric, like myself. We jokingly said and did stupid things at school. He was some what of a risk taker etc so a lot of people who we know have made a lot of rumors. I actually know him really well and although i know hes not careless etc, publicizing the situation in great detail may go both ways unfortunately.

    However I still think its one of our best options.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    I wasn't suggesting suing the police, but a lawyer may be able to get the evidence you have together and decide if you have leads worth following up and then put that evidence to the police on your/the families behalf, or decide on a proper course of action in the media or with a private detective..

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    If your eyes are red cut down on your drinking If you're short of breath cut down on smoking. Apart from that live until you die (James Bond)

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Thanks sirrumpole, that is good advice.

    His brother and I were trying to come up with documentation to present on the possible leads and inconsistencies.

    A lawyer would be much better at doing that.

    Definitely an avenue I will look into carefully.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    DH, have you checked google and the yellow pages in Sydney for private investigators? I'd pick 5 or so, make an appointment to speak to them and find out what they can offer. If their backgrounds are solid, ex cops etc., then they should be able to provide you with references as well. If anything, you can get their perspective. That shouldn't cost anything.

    You may even be able to start a community fund to help pay for this.

    Such a trauma for the family when there is no closure....


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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources


    Sorry to hear about your friend and good on you for taking an initiative on this. Here are some of my suggestions.

    1. Police are on your side. You may think they could/should have done more, or that they didn't do a good job. However, my guess is you literally have no idea what they actually did or didn't do. They certainly don't disclose everything they have done to you, so presume anything would likely to be erroneous.

    2. Private detectives... set realistic expectations. What you are looking for seems very wide-ranging. I am guessing much of that industry revolves around simple stuff... where's the husband last night. It'd be hard for them to match the resources already deployed by the Police.

    3. If you know someone in the police force, try to understand more about how they operate. What information should be available, what they could/could not disclose, what you can/should/should not do etc.

    4. DO NOT post anything on social media other than facts that are already in the public domain. It could do all sorts of harm to what you are trying to achieve... it could have negative consequences to the people involved, the investigations, any subsequent court case etc etc.

    Note I am no expert and don't have any experience in this kind of things. But just make sure you stay controlled and deliberate in all your actions.

    Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Very good points SKC.
    DH, if you do go this route, and I am not sure it is a good idea, make sure you let the police know beforehand.

    Is there a chance he skipped? It has happened before to escape debt, a relationship etc. That might be a better place to employ the detective.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    hey mr burns, i didnt see your post, sorry about that.

    For some reason he's not on there. Not sure if the police are meant to update that themselves or?

    I'll look into it though. There was a coroners report done which basically assumed that he was deceased in the bush which the parents had to fill out while the search was going on.

    Possibly thats why hes not listed?

    Thanks Can, I was trying to scour for online forums which recommend PI's for missing persons. I haven't been able to stumble across one yet but I haven't searched extensively yet so its still possible.

    The community actually raised around $10,000 at the time of the incident and donated to the SES. Dick smith actually assisted by flying over the bush which was awesome on his behalf. Not sure if any one would be willing to donate any more to the cause. I guess as a cultural community, it wasnt anything any of us had experienced before so every one had that sense of urgency but that passes on after.

    Thanks for the feedback SKC. All your points are valid and I agree with them. I guess the frustrations only come down to that situation with the supposed friend he was hanging around. He blatantly lied to the cops about being with him the night before he went missing and he only admitted that after being caught on CCTV.

    The cops said they would re interview him and press him on the issue but nothing every came about of it.

    The fact that the individual is lying on multiple levels about multiple things is just plain weird and in a sick way, gives the family some sort of hope. That individual might just be freaked out or doesn't know how to handle it but that is our only lead.

    There are PI's who focus on missing persons.

    As far as cops go and their efforts, im sure they've done a lot. However I feel the lack of communication with the family doesn't do any good and there might be some details which could have possibly been over looked just because his car was found at the mountains.

    Thanks for the feedback knobby.

    There are three things that could have happened.

    a) lost in the bush
    b) ran away
    c) murdered

    He did have a small loan, but he worked three jobs and had so for the last few years. He is a deep thinker and in general hated public attention. He didnt have social media etc and Im sure he would never run away without telling his folks. He would never ever put his parents through that type of emotional stress. He would just tell them he's going away and avoid this sort of attention.

    It's hard to think you can just vanish off the face off the earth.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse70 View Post
    a) lost in the bush
    b) ran away
    c) murdered
    Any chance he may have committed suicide ?

    However the fact that a "person of interest" lied about his whereabouts would surely require further investigation.

    I wouldn't enter into any social media campaigns against this person though, you could find yourself in court for defamation.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    No chance of suicide. At around 13 or so, he went through a stage of some sort of depression or where life didnt feel as good as it should. That took him through a stage of learning about happiness and spirituality and the essence of I guess removing grief and why we aren't content with life.

    I Hadnt seen him for the last 1 year but again, I'd never imagine suicide as an option.

    If he wanted to go do some thing or buy some thing, he'd just do it. Laziness or lack of drive wasnt some thing which youd associate with him. To him, life was a basket of opportunities, so as long as he hadnt exhausted all possible opportunities to have a good life, then sucide would never be some thing that id imagine hed ever do.

    As far as creating a campaign about the other individual, id never do that. He's mom was the Councillor at our school and again, I have some slight sympathy for that individual. I'm not sure why he's lying for. Its always been some thing he did as a teenager etc but yeah he might have mental issues.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse70 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse70 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by skc View Post
    4. DO NOT post anything on social media other than facts that are already in the public domain. It could do all sorts of harm to what you are trying to achieve... it could have negative consequences to the people involved, the investigations, any subsequent court case etc etc.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Point taken, my bad.

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    Default Re: Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    Hi, I do remember you mentioning this situation, and as I recall your friend set out alone, in an isolated and rugged area, in extreme heat. If that is the case, there is a strong chance he perished.

    Is there reason to believe (or not) that he did actually do this?

    On the other hand, if you know your friend was involved with persons who traffic drugs, I would be very suspicious about the mentioned individual.

    If a person is a known criminal and drug dealer, information can usually be obtained, but one has to pay of course

    placing pressure on a suspect may cause them to take certain actions which give clues

    For maximum results one would anticipate the police would need to be involved as well.

    I think they sometimes offer big rewards if they are suspicious of a suspect but no-one will come forward, sounds like they might have one from what you have said.

    I would also endeavour to have his power of attorney exercised to do a forensic on his bank statements,
    they almost always tell a story

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