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    Can anyone point me towards literature or online resources, or alternatively briefly outline the different methods of valuing a company?

    I believe that EBITDA is often used, but what sort of multiplier would you attach to this? Would it depend on industry etc?

    Additionally, how would you deal with debt in your calculations?


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    Everything you could ever need, and it's all free.

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    Some I have found useful:

    * greenbackd.com
    * Quantitative Value (the book), most of the contents of the book can be found as blog posts on the Alpha Architect blog
    * Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman (almost impossible to find a real copy, google the PDF)
    * Heaps of the free weekly market comments by John Hussman (such as this one: http://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc130318.htm but also many many others)
    * The writings of Jeremy Grantham from GMO Capital
    * Active Value Investing by Vitaliy Katsenelson, actually someone on ASF put me onto this one by linking to this http://www.oldschoolvalue.com/blog/v...lute-pe-model/

    Also endorse the link McLovin posted.
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    Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond by Bruce Greenwald

    Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. I just read this again along with the Rediscovered Benjamin Graham and was reminded how brilliant Graham was and is.
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