Hi All,

I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have to conduct a survey as part of an assignment I'm doing. The assignment is on an alternative to the traditional tubular metal chassis which suffers performance degradation caused by strain hardening as the kart experiences bending and twisting loads in normal use.

The alternative is a composite sandwich panel (the assumption is that the rules will change at some point to allow this) anyway I'm trying to gauge consumer acceptance of such a frame so if you've had some experience with racing karts at a club level (not hire karts as I'm seeking opinions of people who are well up to speed with the karting scene) and are willing to spare a few minutes, here's the link.


And if you're not sure what a sandwich panel is, this may help.


It should be noted that I will not attempt to manufacture or use a sandwich panel kart frame, it's all hypothetical for the purposes of an assignment.