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    Post MSB - Mesoblast Limited

    I think its the way of the future. Bought some at 0.56, now its doing good. What do u all think, alot of good announcements... have a good read. www.mesoblast.com.au

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    Thumbs up msb mesoblast, catalyst thur. 8 pm abc

    Hi ,be sure to watch Catalyst this thur, at 8pm on abc there is a feature on msb with an interview between the md and a stem cell reciepent, this will be followed on friday by the transcript announced to the asx .msb has gained over 10% this week ,so the news appears to be positive. cheers vince

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    at trading holt
    raised 15 million, share holders can buy 5k at 130 or 125
    AMAZING RESULTS as predicted, it will b off holt as off today
    well lets hope the market takes this in a good way

    we want more ca$h

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    In trading halt -

    "The Directors of Mesoblast Limited expect shortly to make a significant announcement, which the Company is not in a position to release at present."

    Sounds promissing

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Just heard of this mob the other day.sounds interesting.

    chewy - any ideas what the announcement could be about? ie. what have they been up to lately?

    PS - I just want a new disc really...

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Yeah really don't know - perhaps some promissing results from the stage 2 tests that are currently underway, perhaps someone making a big investment in them, perhaps a takeover offer from a big med??

    purely speculating - but they do say a "significant announcement". should know within the next few days.

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    This company is clear of of opes prime dealings now and has one of its many products on its radar to commercialise.............Mesoblastís record of accomplishment since its ASX listing in December 2004 has been first rate. Within only 3.5 years, the Company has
    established itself as a world leader in the development of innovative biological products in the emerging and potentially highly lucrative
    regenerative medicine field.
    Our adult stem cell platform has shown real and substantial commercial applicability for the global orthopaedic industry. We are targeting a wide
    range of bone, cartilage and musculoskeletal conditions, and aim to bring at least three products to market in the near-term for these diseases.............We are talking billion dollar markets here, and I am led to believe that negotations with Asian countrys is forthcoming soon ...Cheers ...... ps. up 12 cents today atm....

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Since listing just over 3 years ago MSB has never missed a milestone in fact it has been early in most including all FDA trials , This is a real credit to the board of MSB ..... On listing the founder proffessor Silviu Itescu stated MSB,s applications could become one of Australias great exports .. He certainly knows his business he is hands on, and a few years ago was chief adviser to the u.s president on stem cell matters , and sat on the FDA advisary board ......Cheers

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Well we have moved up about 30% for the week hope some are getting on board, with rises of up to 12c day, dont think this s/p upward trend is stopping soon, as with all 5-6 applications in various stages of trials and all trials proving successful ww commercial markets are worth billions ..My belief is that MSB products are being showcased in Asian countries right now, watch this space ...Cheers

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Definitely copped it hard during the market-wide drop and then Opes Prime. Good to see it come back. I reckon this company has amazing potential. Their tests are always successful and some are pretty advanced now.

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Good to see you aboard Chewy .. what I do in a situation like this is buy small parcels as the stock ascends, trailing a stop of around -10 cents... Also anything you read about Adult stem cell You can be sure MSB has done 10 years plus and is right down the track with its FDA liabilities ..here is an example in todays news of a wannabee........................Parkinson's cure 'in the nose'By Petrina Berry
    June 06, 2008 12:29pm
    Article from: AAPFont size: + -
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    RESEARCHERS say a cure for Parkinson's disease could lie inside the nose of patients.

    The Griffith University study found that adult stem cells harvested from the noses of Parkinson's patients gave rise to dopamine-producing brain cells when transplanted into the brain of a rat.

    Current drug therapies can replace dopamine in the brain, but these often become less effective after prolonged use.

    Director of the university's National Adult Stem Cell Research Centre, Alan Mackay-Sim, said researchers simulated Parkinson's symptoms in rats by creating lesions on one side of the brain similar to the damage caused in human brains.

    "The lesions to one side of the brain made the rats run in circles," Professor Mackay-Sim said.

    "When stem cells from the nose of Parkinson's patients were cultured and injected into the damaged area the rats re-acquired the ability to run in a straight line.

    "All animals transplanted with the human cells had a dramatic reduction in the rate of rotation within just three weeks."

    He said the discovery meant they were on the verge to finding a cure for Parkinson's, a debilitating disease which includes loss of muscle control caused by the degeneration of cells that produce the essential chemical dopamine in the brain.

    The study was published yesterday in the journal Stem Cells.

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Cool dopamine producing stem cells, now we just need someone to develop some seratonin producing ones

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Stem cell news, in the papers daily in fact adult stem cell is the way the world is heading for the time being as embryonic s/c is less ethical atm .. its great MSB have already done the hard yards and are a decade infront of likley competition in Australia ... Another good week coming up looking at the depth today . up 40% since I posted less than 2 weeks ago ..... Cheers

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    grabbed some of these this morning, up 11% today

    unusual thing is now only 1 puny seller

    havent seen that b4, and would suggest further rises are likely

    thin volumes though


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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Double that 11% for today awg. This always runs on thin volume only reason it fell off is Opes Prime got involved and sold down , but that is past now ....Cheers

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Hi Vince & others

    this stock has been showing up buy signals on several stock scans, that i ran recently on different programs.

    glad i got in early today at $1.01

    did pull back a bit at the close, day profit takers i spose.

    not many people seem all that keen on selling tho, even tho there must be plenty with a very high % gain, especially on that sort of thin volume, after rising prices

    that tells its own story...hanging on for the 10 bagger!

    not sure whether i caught a fleeting glimpse of a story on the tele the other night about this lot, certainly the process

    have relo who is a researcher in this area, will ask her if she has heard about them

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    I believe there is an Asian connection in the pipeline, They love their stem cells (be it untrialled atm ) watch this space ...........Cheers

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Now up 80% since I posted less than 2 months ago , this companys applications could indeeed become one of Australias greatest exports , each application is in a multi billion $ market ....here is yesterdays announcement................ Stem cells trial helps broken bonesBy Jeff Turnbull
    August 06, 2008 02:22pm

    A 36-YEAR-old man who suffered a badly broken leg that wouldn't heal is walking again without crutches after the successful trial of stem cells to repair non-healing bones.

    A year after Anthony Giancola suffered a compound fracture of the leg in a motorcycle accident on New Year's Eve 2005, he was still unable to walk freely.

    "I was 'egg shell walking' where I could only put light pressure on the ground," Mr Giancola said.

    But within two weeks of being implanted with his own bone marrow stem cells from his pelvis in December 2006, the fracture was improving and he was able to attend a friend's wedding without crutches.

    "There was no pain whatsoever and within two weeks I felt good," Mr Giancola said.

    He was one of 10 patients with long bone leg injuries who took part in the trials at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    Orthopaedic surgeon Richard de Steiger today said the success of the trials surprised him and paved the way for people who might otherwise undergo joint replacements to have stem cell implants instead.

    "It paves the way for exciting new research for stem cell therapy we can do in Australia," Dr de Steiger said.

    He said waiting lists could be cut with patients previously needing elective surgery becoming outpatients under the stem cell procedure, and recovering in half the time.

    It could also help people in the early stages of arthritis, Dr de Steiger said.

    Eight of the 10 trial patients had complete unions in their fractures, including one man whose fracture had not knitted properly since his accident almost four years ago.

    Dr de Steiger said the completion of the trials was still three to five years away.

    Biotech group Mesoblast Ltd has the worldwide licence to commercialise the adult stem cell technology for orthopaedic applications including the repair of bone fractures and the regeneration of cartilage at knee joints. ...........................Cheers Vin

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    Up 100% now since June, does not anyone want to make money in a bear market ????? ignore it if u wish but it is not going away ...........

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    Default Re: MSB - Mesoblast

    It's been a long long time since the last post.

    Its now on the radar screen of "Shares That Made You $1 Million" AF Riview.

    Very slow moving & been algo traded.

    But the interesting news is, finally MSB is waiting for approval from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Admin.) for the treatment of Long bone fracture.

    Results coming out soon, don't know when. Been waiting for quite awhile

    See Investor Briefing on page 6 of 7 pn ASX annoucements.

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