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    Kina Group is a leading diversified financial services provider in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is the largest licenced funds management company in the country with $2.5 billion of funds under management, and with more than 155,000 superannuation clients.

    The company provides traditional stockbroking, trustee services, corporate advice and finance. It is a major provider of leases and mortgages. It has about 200 staff, of whom 92.5 per cent are Papua New Guinean, and more than half are women.

    It is anticipated that KSL will list on the ASX on 30 July 2015.


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    Interesting float.
    Looks like it will be priced at a discount to the domestic banking sector, obviously due to the PNG factor..

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSntchr View Post
    due to the PNG factor..
    I would think that PNG is past the basket case phase, however understand that the general perception is probably different...will watch with some interest.
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    Certainly interesting, just had a quick look at the PNG economy. There is some definite risks such as: poor infrastructure, 75-80% of employment reliant on agriculture, the majority of exports and GDP reliant on mining/oil and gas, plus over 40% of the people live on less than $1 a day... that said, the economy has grown at an average rate of around 9% over the last 10+ years and is forecast to keep growing. Worth watching I think.

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    Check out the team they've got. There's
    • Sir Rabbie Namaliu - an ex-prime minister...and well..he's a Sir!
    • Syd Yates - involved in the establishment of the Port Moresby Stock exchange and is a director of PNG Olympic committee
    • David Foster - ex-CEO of Suncorp Bank (5 years)

    Not bad...

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