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    I was thinking the other day, which is rather remarkable given my mental laziness, of those quips that turns logic topsy turvy and provide amusement.

    Kids are a great source of this because of their innocence. For example my boy wanted to know if water floats (yes we all know about ice).

    Another asked me why diabetics don't eat sugar all the time instead of waiting to have a spell.

    Your favourites?
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... just another day really.

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    Set scene; Boris, dressed as an Arab, is holding out an open box containing two scorpions as an offering to Rocky to 'help' Bullwinkle's and the flying squirrels predicament.

    Rocky..."what are they?"

    Boris ..."They're desert beetles"

    Rocky..."Are you sure? What about those claws?"

    Boris..."They're desert beetles, they use their claws to dig in the sand"

    Rocky..."I don't believe you!"

    Boris.."You don't believe in SandyClaws?"

    bom bom

    I've seen a bit of Cpt WrongWay PeachFuzz on these forums...

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    Because that's how it is...


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