Does anyone here trade CFDs with Commsec and use the "live ASX data feed"?

I'm looking at the Commsec CFD (demo) trading platform right now.

I notice that they offer a "live ASX data feed". Is this any better than/different to their IRESS trading platform (which sells for $82.50 per month)? They don't mention costs (of the "live ASX data feed"), either.

Obviously, on the IRESS platform, you can not only monitor the market but also execute trades. But that's not important if you're on a CFD trading platform (because you can use it to execute your trades). So I'd really like to know if one feed/platform offers more comprehensive live data than the other.

Also, is the "live ASX data feed" integrated into the CFD trading platform, or do you need to keep switching windows between the CFD platform and the "live ASX data feed"?