I trade mainly aud.usd for my smsf trust. I simply buy or sell the aud.usd based on viewing the chart and various moving averages.

I'm looking for a good online forex broker because today Halifax advised me that ASIC has suspended their Interactive Broker platform (which I currently use) from forex trading in Australia until something is worked through.
I also have an account with Commsec but told me they don't provide forex trading.

Would appreciate it if you could please advise me of a good online forex broker I can use to trade for my smsf, in terms of:
1. $Fees/commissions per trade
2. Platform monthly subscription price
3a. quality of its charts
3b. bid/ask spread points
4. which platform does it use
5. is it a web-based system or downloaded software
6. anything else you think is relevant.

PS: Also, I've tried to sign up to some of the American brokers I see advertised, but so far they've all told me they don't accept non-residents of the US - has anyone (Australian resident) been able to successfully sign up with one of them?

Many thanks