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    Default ASX listed companies with exposure to uranium

    The following Australian companies have exposure to uranium:
    Figures as at 24/3/06

    * Acclaim Exploration (AEX)
    Shares Issued 529,871,353 Market Capitalisation 20,135,111

    * Adelaide Resources Limited (ADN)
    Shares Issued 69,580,960 Market Capitalisation 30,615,622

    * Arafura Resources (ARU)
    Shares Issued 58,233,259 Market Capitalisation 23,293,303

    * Apex Minerals (AXM)
    Shares Issued 58,619,755 Market Capitalisation 4,455,101

    * Ashburton Minerals (ATN)
    Shares Issued 78,030,673 Market Capitalisation 3,901,533

    * Australian United Gold (AUL)
    Shares Issued 370,458,765 Market Capitalisation 10,743,304

    * Batavia Mining (BTV)
    Shares Issued 367,209,739 Market Capitalisation 21,665,374

    * BHP Billiton (BHP)
    Shares Issued 3,590,074,531 Market Capitalisation 93,054,731,843

    * Bullion Minerals (BLN)
    Shares Issued 96,010,801 Market Capitalisation 30,723,456

    * Alliance Resources (AGS)
    Shares Issued 228,789,674 Market Capitalisation 86,940,076

    * Bannerman Resources (BMN)
    Shares Issued 228,789,674 Market Capitalisation 86,940,076

    * Cazaly Resources (CAZ)
    Shares Issued 51,252,454 Market Capitalisation 105,580,055

    * Compass Resources (CMR)
    Shares Issued 78,095,045 Market Capitalisation 159,313,891

    * Contact Resources (CTS)
    Shares Issued 16,375,004 Market Capitalisation 6,058,751

    * Curnamona Energy (CUY)
    Shares Issued 29,287,100 Market Capitalisation 14,350,679

    * Deep Yellow (DYL)
    Shares Issued 454,317,583 Market Capitalisation 44,068,805

    * Energy Metals (EME)
    Shares Issued 12,059,644 Market Capitalisation 23,335,411

    * Energy Resources of Australia (ERA)
    Shares Issued 190,737,934 Market Capitalisation 2,574,962,109

    * Equinox Minerals (EQN)
    Shares Issued 339,266,378 Market Capitalisation 620,857,471

    * Extract Resources (EXT)
    Shares Issued 729,252,959 Market Capitalisation 66,362,019

    * Gold Search (GSE)
    Shares Issued 234,142,900 Market Capitalisation 7,960,858

    * Golden State Resources (GDN)
    Shares Issued 135,674,704 Market Capitalisation 29,848,434

    * Goldstream Mining (GDM)
    Shares Issued 122,078,639 Market Capitalisation 55,545,780

    * Glengarry Resources (GGY)
    Shares Issued 208,966,528 Market Capitalisation 12,955,924

    * Giralia Resources (GIR)
    Shares Issued 138,310,170 Market Capitalisation 38,726,847

    * Green Rock Energy (GRK)
    Shares Issued 59,155,464 Market Capitalisation 8,281,764

    * Havilah Resources (HAV)
    Shares Issued 72,596,273 Market Capitalisation 58,077,018

    * Hindmarsh resources (HMR)
    Shares Issued 14,842,048 Market Capitalisation 17,810,457

    * Image Resources (IMA)
    Shares Issued 60,210,751 Market Capitalisation 34,320,128

    * Jindalee Resources (JRL)
    Shares Issued 29,419,775 Market Capitalisation 21,329,336

    * Kalgoorlie Boulder Resources (KAL)
    Shares Issued 30,055,650 Market Capitalisation 4,808,904

    * Marathon Resources (MTN)
    Shares Issued 38,167,895 Market Capitalisation 30,534,316

    * Matrix Metals (MRX)
    Shares Issued 575,387,509 Market Capitalisation 44,880,225

    * Minotaur Exploration (MEP)
    Shares Issued 53,915,004 Market Capitalisation 46,906,053

    * Monaro Mining (MRO)
    Shares Issued 18,500,100 Market Capitalisation 16,650,090

    * Monax Mining (MOX)
    Shares Issued 27,125,003 Market Capitalisation 7,323,750

    * Nickel Australia (NKL)
    Shares Issued 85,000,004 Market Capitalisation 10,625,000

    * Nova Energy (NEL)
    Shares Issued 15,625,000 Market Capitalisation 21,875,000

    * Omegacorp (OMC)
    Shares Issued 101,505,060 Market Capitalisation 43,647,175

    * Paladin Resources (PDN)
    Shares Issued 444,385,713 Market Capitalisation 2,013,067,279

    * Pepinnini Minerals (PNN)
    Shares Issued 26,670,000 Market Capitalisation 8,001,000

    * Polaris Metals (POL)
    Shares Issued 41,530,815 Market Capitalisation 6,021,968

    * Red Metal (RDM)
    Shares Issued 83,176,472 Market Capitalisation 19,546,470

    * Redport (RPT)
    Shares Issued 471,862,551 Market Capitalisation 45,770,667

    * Reefton Mining (RTM)
    Shares Issued 364,616,677 Market Capitalisation 10,209,266

    * Rio Tinto (RIO)
    Shares Issued 456,815,943 Market Capitalisation 34,366,263,391

    * Scimitar Resources (SIM)
    Shares Issued 22,070,003 Market Capitalisation 7,503,801

    * Siberia Mining Corporation (SIB)
    Shares Issued 204,512,000 Market Capitalisation 30,676,800

    * Southern Gold (SAU)
    Shares Issued 32,531,281 Market Capitalisation 6,831,569

    * Southern Cross Exploration (SCX)
    Shares Issued 35,000,000 Market Capitalisation 1,505,000
    http://not available

    * Stellar Resources (SRZ)
    Shares Issued 49,400,944 Market Capitalisation 14,573,278

    * Summit Resources (SMM)
    Shares Issued 187,930,021 Market Capitalisation 195,447,221

    * Toro Energy (TOE)
    Shares Issued 72,000,000 Market Capitalisation 57,960,000

    * Uranex (UNX)
    Shares Issued 32,800,100 Market Capitalisation 12,136,037

    * Uranium Exploration Australia (UXA)
    Shares Issued 39,601,000 Market Capitalisation 12,474,315

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Thanks for the research.

    I have a couple more:
    UraniumSA (USA) Market cap $12 mil, I think

    West Australian Metals Ltd, Market cap $33 mil

    (perhaps someone can confirm and complete with shares on issue)

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Peninsula Minerals (PEN) as well.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Quote Originally Posted by ironchef
    Peninsula Minerals (PEN) as well.
    * Peninsula Minerals (PEN)
    Shares Issued 631,267,237 Market Capitalisation $49,870,111
    http://www.peninsulaminerals.com.au/ (New site under construction)
    http://www.kanownalights.com.au/ (existing site)

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Any new increase in U spot price overnight ??

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Quote Originally Posted by Fab
    Any new increase in U spot price overnight ??
    Not that I could find however this is a good read....
    In part (I recommend reading the article in its entirety):

    Things Can Get A Lot Hotter For Uranium, Still
    March 17, 2007
    By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor of FNArena.com

    Consider, for instance, the following quote: "The outlook for [uranium] demand has never been stronger, with government support (around the globe) increasing by the day. Uranium appears in definite under-supply for the next 10 years. Risks to this view are Cigar Lake coming on line sooner than 2010 when we now expect it, and a quick turn-around into production of extra uranium from Australia if the ALP lifts its restrictive 3 mines policy."

    Merrill Lynch analysts believe the market is currently under-estimating Russia's long term nuclear expansion plans. The report notes current government plans foresee an increase of the country's nuclear power capacity by 102% by 2020. (Whether this will be achieved is another issue, of course).

    The analysts also believe Cameco's troubled Cigar Lake project won't be up and running until 3-4 years from now. They subtly hint at the fact that some experts believe the mine will never reach production.

    The widely expected change in uranium policy by the major opposition the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at its April meeting could result in a quick end to Australia's current three mines policy, the broker believes. This could accelerate extra production coming on line, but Merrill Lynch remains sceptical whether this will make any noticeable changes to the market before 2010.

    Of equal importance is that the US Department of Energy (DOE) is currently considering its future sales program of secondary uranium and related products. According to current plans the DOE could increase supply to 5 million pounds U3O8 equivalent per year for ten years but Merrill Lynch also notes the DOE has made it known it doesn't want to interrupt the normal market dynamics as well as that the Department wants to support the nuclear renaissance.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    I think that they are correct that the Labour Party will change it current 3 mines policy. They will be pushed by the Labour State Governments some of who are already saying they want to mine in their States.

    While it is true that a lot of the profits have already been made from Uranium stocks I believe there is still a lot of upside left if you can pick the right ones. The best stategy is to have a diverse holding of uranium stocks and HOLD.

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    Smile Re: Uranium: Metex Resources

    Ann: I think that you may now need to include Metex Resources as well (I appreciate that your post was almost a year old and it was very interesting).

    Mee has (i) potential gold resources of 880.000 ounces, ie about AU$750 mil, (ii) the CSIRO joint venture with a good trial coal field and (iii) now has over 20 uranium licences, including one which was prospected in the 70/80s by Total (the French energy giant) with a U3o8 rating of .33% from a very limited bore sample. That is a significant percentage of uranium and also of total resources compared to some of the much higher cap (AU$100-150 mil) unproven AU uranium companies.

    Its (ivth) venture is its Italian mine, which is easily accessed and its uranium value (2.3mil lbs) is about US$230mil, however there are signficiant environmental opposition issues. They are being worked on I understand but my not be easliy overcome, at least not without a JV. However, Mee has engaged a highly experienced Italian expert to assist. I think it is a longer term project and am no so confident of its fruition in the short term. However, it adds speculative value and potentially European takeover interest.

    Mee has a market cap of about AU$29 mil, being less than 3-6 times that of other, much lesser, stocks. Several pay for research uranium experts recommend it highly. I suspect that the difficulty is that it does not actively market itself as a uranium play, and thus misses the speculative buyers. However, I understand that it is considering a rebranding later this year, or splitting its uranium business, with preferences to existing shareholders. Further, it has the uranium potential with a solid backup interest in gold and coal gasification. It thus has less downside risk than many uranium plays.

    I disclose reasonable long term interests (2010-2014) in Mee (acquired at AU$.13) and Cameco (acquired at US$39 and payng a minor dividend), my only junior and senior uranium and gold plays respectively. The time frame reflects the IAEE survey as to when uranium prices are likely to reduce to the US$60-70 range. Gold prices are speculative and of course will depend on the US$ amongst other things, and little weight is placed on those in the long term, given its significant fluctuation over the past 6 years. Best wishes to all.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Check it Uranium futures contracts www.exchange-handbook.co.uk under news

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Thanks for that Kromey - a very interesting development.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Quote Originally Posted by james99 View Post
    Thanks for that Kromey - a very interesting development.
    Thoughts anyone?

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    Default Re: Uranium

    NYMEX Partners With UX Consulting To Offer Uranium Futures Contracts

    The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., a subsidiary of NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:NMX), the world's largest physical commodity exchange, today signed a 10–year agreement with the Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC), the global uranium pricing index and information leader, to introduce on and off-exchange traded uranium futures products on the CME Globex® and NYMEX ClearPort® electronic platforms on May 6 for trade date May 7.

    NYMEX and UxC will work together to provide marketing and education for these financially settled contracts, which will serve as the pricing benchmark for this rapidly growing industry.

    NYMEX Chairman Richard Schaeffer said, "We are excited to introduce uranium futures contracts and to provide the industry with a transparent price discovery mechanism. We expect to create a benchmark contract for this important and underserved global market. NYMEX is gratified to launch innovative products, and uranium is uniquely positioned to act as a complement to both our energy and metals product offerings. We are proud to partner with Ux Consulting, the recognized market leader."

    UxC President Jeff Combs said "The experience this decade has clearly indicated that the uranium market would benefit from additional price transparency, especially in terms of forward prices, as market participants formulate budget and investment decisions in this critical period of a renaissance in nuclear power. We are pleased to partner with NYMEX, the global leader in commodities–based futures trading, in the introduction of uranium futures products, and applaud NYMEX for investing the time and resources necessary to make uranium futures a reality."

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Thanks for that helpful detail Kroney. The published analyst consensus appears to be that the result of futures trading will be signficant increases in $/lb for the short term at least, with consequent upwards revaluing of both small and large cap uranium companies, with predictions of short term revaluations of 20-50% in some cases. I suppose that we will have to wait to see, but it is difficult to see that the short term effect will be detrimental.

    I see even the big players are predicted to increase significantly, with one influential international brokerage predicting a short term increase in Cameco to Canadian $66 approximately (about 25% increase) and incrementally sustained increases thereafter as contracts are written at higher rates. IT has the advantage of paying a dividend, albeit small. I understand that it is making plans to advance the development of a European uranium mine, and extract it in 2008-2009, to counter the Cigar lake shortage.

    I suspect that the issue with uranium is not so much what its short / medium price will be, but whether and what it will drop too in 5-10 years when substantially greater supply is online, or whether the increase will be balaced by increase demand. Some comentators are suggesting that uranium is in a 5-10 year bull cycle.

    If so, then there will be plenty of time for Australian mining policy to change (I think that might take 2-3 years) and some of the juniors (I like about 2-3 with caps of less than $AU40 mil) will dramatically increase.

    The Summit / Paladin / Areva triangle would also tend to support that the decision makers in that transaction consider that there is substantial upside for uranium, certainly in the short to medium term.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    Which juniors do you fancy James. For me WMT BLR GGY.

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    Default Re: Uranium: WMT/ UNX / MEE etc

    Kromey. I too liked WMT, but it is a bit expensive for me now. I also likey Unx, but it has suffered the same (good) fate. I think it has a way to go. I have not researched the other two in sufficent detail to comment.

    I currently prefer Mee, because I think that it is comparatively undervalued and is imminently to rebrand as a uranium play (which is currently seen as secondary for it). Its failed capital raising unfortunately coincided with the carry trade unwind an thus a reduced price from 19c to 12c (ie the rights price anyway, needless to say that made the rights less desirable). It has not recovered yet.

    I glean some assistance from various analyst reports and tracking the granting of tenements in Au and overseas, and by way of example only include a link - it is perhaps a useful exercise to trace the increases and changes in cap rates since that report, with the devlopment activities since then and additional tenements gained etc, to compare current value. Of course, all that provides is a guide as to comparative value, which I appreciate can be discordant from consumer, and especially short term spectator, sentiment.


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    Default Re: Uranium

    Better add ARH - Australasian Resources Ltd

    The have just announced they will begin Uranium Exploration at their Copper Bore Well tenement and are expecting a second tenement to be granted shortly.

    "Don't Fight City Hall when you can BE City Hall"
    G. Edward Griffins

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    Default Re: Uranium: Mee rising: ALP Policy

    I see that Mee is rising today - hopefully will continue. I agree the others have potential and wonder if all might rise in anticpation of the ALP policy change? Thoughts.

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    Default Re: Uranium

    With so many junior uranium exploreres out there I think that many of them will never produce, don't have the know how, the knowlege or have the resources, only companys like BHP, RIO, PDN and a few of the others that will be successfull,
    These juniors are money takers, they take your money and produce little, profits can be made with them but it will end up in a blood bath.

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    Default Re: Uranium


    Clearly in any market there are good and bad companies, more so than usual when there is a strong industry wide speculative boom. I wonder whether your comments such as "These juniors are money takers, they take your money and produce little, profits can be made with them but it will end up in a blood bath." are fair.

    Some may be unsuccessful, others may not. Only a couple of years ago for example Paladin was small. If you have a specific analysis of any particular company then that might be helpful to post.

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